SniQkers & Vanilla Chai Twin Pack

SniQkers & Vanilla Chai Twin Pack


Vanilla Chai and SniQkers with He Shou Wu have been designed as the perfect addition to your Winter mealtimes. With deeply powerful superfoods and adaptogens capable of keeping the immune system in check and metabolism thriving, these intentional blends bring vital nourishment, essential vitamins and minerals and comforting flavours together for both a delicious and functional morning meal. Purchase each flavour now as a twin pack and receive 10% off the individual RRP.

A comforting blend of organic British quinoa, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flaked almond, toasted coconut and coconut palm sugar. 

A feel good blend of organic British quinoa flavoured naturally with cacao, He Shou Wu and maca powder combined with rich cacao nibs, desiccated coconut Himalayan pink salt, salted peanuts, juicy raisins, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. Sweetened naturally with coconut palm sugar. 

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Winter mornings are not an easy time for anyone. Seasonal illnesses are rife and getting out of bed seems both painful and impossible. We wanted to make life easier for everyone by creating a delicious yet nourishing reason for you to get out of bed, and stay out of it. Our limited edition Qnola is a comforting blend of our favourite seasonal ingredients, and provides a quick, instant option in the mornings. Our unique spice mix (which contains cardamom, ginger and cinnamon) comes together with delicious organic vanilla, creamy coconut and toasted almonds to create a deeply nourishing breakfast option. The spices we’ve selected bring with their intense flavour invaluable healing benefits, which help to nourish and protect during one of the physically toughest times of the year. Whether you need to kick start your metabolism, boost your immune system, calm your mind, sooth your soul or cleanse your body from the inside, our Vanilla chia will take care of it. Wake up well this winter, with body loving breakfasts to ward off illness and fatigue.  

Inspired by one of the nations favourite sweet treats, SniQkers with He Shou Wu is the latest limited addition to our range, and is our dreamiest flavour yet. But don't assume it is any less nutritious. Made with powerful superfoods and adaptogens such as cacao, maca and he shou wu, this blend is also one of our most functional flavours yet. These ingredients offer incredible health benefits for the morning and have the power to energise the system, boost immunity and enhance the body's natural renewal processes. The natural ingredients in this blend provide rich flavour as well as deep nourishment, and come together to recreate the familiar nutty, chocolatey and salted caramel taste sensation, known and loved by many. We use delicious, juicy raisins instead of artifical caramel. We use himalayan pink salted peanuts, kept far away from low quality salt and hydrogenated fats. And we use dairy and sugar free raw cacao powder and nibs, instead of artificial and nutritionally substandard refined chocolate. Whether you need a tasty temptation to get you out of bed or an effortless option for busy mornings when you're unmotivated to make a proper meal, SniQkers has it all. Enjoy and allow this healing blend to calm your mind, comfort the soul and satisfy you sweet snack cravings, all whilst providing the body with the nutrition it needs. #wakeupwell this winter with a #betterbreakfast.

USAGE | serve with yogurt, coconut yogurt, plant based milks, raw / organic / local milk, seasonal fruits, on porridge, with stewed fruits or on top of desserts. We also love this blend sprinkled onto mashed banana or nut butter as a simple snack. You can also enjoy Qnola dry and straight from the packet, as a snack alternative to standard sugary snacks. Suggested serving size: 30g.

Best consumed within nine months.

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