Where We're Waking . Daluma

Berlin is one of those places you want to visit time and time again; known for it's wild nightlife, unparalleled underground art scene and spot-on vintage finds, the city is also home to some of the best vegan and vegetarian eateries in Europe.

On a recent trip, we were advised by various people to visit Daluma for a bite to eat... let's just say we've been dreaming of their Oriental Study bowl ever since we left. Found in the central Mitte district, Daluma is credited as being one of the first restaurants in the city to introduce locals to delicious and super healthy vegan and vegetarian (and mostly gluten-free) food - highly functional alternatives to Frankfurters and strudel. 


Before we even get into the food, the cafe itself is a visual feast; an elevated wooden 'seating' area with cushions and raised marble tables is an Instagram lovers dream whilst white washed walls and parquet flooring give the whole space a relaxed, almost Scandi vibe. It feels clean and modern without being aggressively minimal: the ideal environment for quiet dining and solo visits. Hearty lunches, healthy breakfasts and superfood smoothies dominate the (vegetarian and gluten-free) menu - think satisfying acai bowls, warming ramen, quinoa salads and a whole host of cold pressed juices to wash it down with. 

Golden Warrior

Though the dishes are designed so you can switch up your order to personal taste, with some assistance from the staff we eventually settled on the classic Acai Bowl and aforementioned Oriental Study bowl alongside a Golden Warrior 'juice' (cashew, turmeric, ashwaganda, mango, date) and Get Your Greens (bananas, spinach, kiwi, spirulina) smoothie. After a night on the tiles, one sip of each had us feeling instantly revived. The Acai Bowl and Oriental Study bowl (lentils, turmeric cauliflower, hummus, roast aubergine) were great sharing plates and kept us nourished and full until early afternoon. 

Much like Berlin, Daluma is one of those places you could revisit and enjoy a totally different experience every time. We saw a mixture of couples, groups of young trendy guys, office workers and solo coffee drinkers - it's not only a fun brunch hangout spot but a bustling cafe that just happens to serve delicious vegan and gluten-free food. We couldn't recommend it enough.