Where We're Waking . CPRESS

We'd like to think that when it comes to eating well, we've got it pretty sussed. We buy organic where possible and steer clear of processed foods in favour of natural, wholesome ingredients. One of our newly-discovered favourite cafés that also holds this sentiment is CPress on Fulham Road who are proud to serve 100% certified organic food.

Acai Bowl
Jedi Milk

With grey-washed walls, stylish fixtures and a smattering of succulents, CPress is cool without feeling pretentious - the perfect place to kick back and enjoy your breakfast in peace; for those days you don't have time, everything is available to takeout. Win win.

For a filling, nutritious breakfast we love the Açai Bowl topped with fruit and homemade granola; it's fresh and light but the portions are enjoyably generous (and kept us going until gone lunchtime!). In need of your morning caffeine fix? The iced coffee made using almond or coconut milk is delicious BUT it's CPress' selection of smoothies, cold pressed juices and dairy-free milks that keep us going back for more.

Our current favourite is the Apple Ginger Bomb booster shot. Despite it's appearance, this punchy little fella is packed with antioxidants and is great to detoxify and invigorate the body first thing. Others we love include the Recovery Lemonade (lemon, grapefruit and blue algae) and the True Love (carrot, lime and ginger) for refreshing, nourishing hydration.

Next time you're in West London, make time for a detour from Kings Road and give the cafe a visit.