Well Being: recipes and rituals to realign the body and mind

Founder Danielle's debut book, Well Being - a collection of recipes and rituals to realign the body and mind - is inspired by nature, modern-day needs and a variety of age old traditions from wellbeing systems from all over the world. The book combines all-natural, carefully considered recipes with simple rituals, each of which are tailored to specific times of the day, underpinned by the common interest in reducing the stresses of modern day life. Well Being's main intentions are to reduce stress, improve digestion, enhance energy levels, improve sleep, enhance concentration, strengthen immunity, encourage positivity and reverse the effects of illness - all by understanding and utilising the power of natures healing ingredients and the potential of your own body and mind.

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Well Being is a combination of the most valued rituals and recipes Danielle has discovered over the years, since embarking on a journey of eating more healthily and making more mindful lifestyle choices. Each section is broken down into two sections; the first contains rituals to help reduce stress, ease digestive issues and encourage a sense of balance, calm and clarity, and the second contains all-natural recipes, designed with each specific stage of the day in mind. Morntime rituals and recipes energise the body and mind, Daytime rituals and recipes enhance productivity, In Between Time rituals and recipes encourage concentration and focus, Evening Time rituals and recipes aim to refuel and Nighttime rituals and recipes aim to encourage relaxation and deep sleep.

With over 200 recipes, 60 rituals and 30 recipes for beauty and home remedies, Well Being is a versatile and easy-to-use handbook for anyone, anytime, anywhere. It will guide you through each stage of the day and provides advice and education to help you to fine-tune the fundamental foundations of wellbeing, to personalise them and to curate an individualised set of guidelines you truly understand and enjoy enough to sustain them. It will guide you through your ever-changing journey with flexible and adaptable information rather than restrictive rules or extreme, quick-fix methods.

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