Waking With . Where The Pancakes Are

 Never have we met someone that isn't a fan of pancakes. The perfect vessel for an overwhelming variety of sweet and savoury toppings, pancakes are the Kate Winslet of the food world: everybody loves them. Patricia Trijbits, founder of Where The Pancakes Are, is one person that shares our appreciation and her restaurant in in Flat Iron Square is testament to their popularity in London. Patricia's American-style pancakes are made using rich buttermilk (or soy milk if preferred) fresh to order and topped with a host of mouth-watering ingredient combinations. A self taught chef, Patricia grew up in Holland, has worked in Paris and California and now calls London (with her husband and two children) home. Having visited Where The Pancakes Are late last year, we recently caught up with the pancake pro herself to discover her favourite dishes and her best morning advice for busy, time poor people.


"I wake up well by sleeping well... I love waking up early – but I’m not allowed by my husband (for good reasons as it makes me totally useless at night). The first thing I do every morning is have a shower and get dressed whilst drinking hot water with fresh lemon and salt.

I usually wake up at 6 or 7am and get my children ready for school; off to work or meetings. I am in the restaurant most days – gradually over the course of the first year, I have become more active behind the scenes rather than in the kitchen or amongst our guests – I have a brilliant team.

Pancakes & people inspired me to launch Where The Pancakes Are. If I had to choose, my favourite dish at the restaurant would be simple pancakes with maple syrup and butter or the Australian (polenta fritters, avocado, creme fraiche and preserved lemon). My most essential breakfast items are: coffee, fruit, toast and water.

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My healthiest breakfast is porridge cooked with oat milk, a handful of seeds, bananas and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. I’m not much into indulgent breakfasts, but it has to be a superb Spanish latte (it’s really a cortado) served with our American pancakes (blueberries and bacon). Without any plans, I'd spend a lazy morning with my children and husband at home – doing nothing, a breakfast table that isn’t cleared till midday – not knowing what we’ll be having for lunch. The best place I’ve ever woken up is all the places where there are no walls (camping, a lodge in Tanzania etc etc) and the morning breeze and light gently wakes you.

My best morning advice for busy, time poor people would be to wake up early enough so you don’t have to feel rushed – once you feel rushed it’s hard to stop that hyper feeling.

To find the balance between work and home life, I’ve sacrificed my social and cultural life. No evenings to the theatre and very few dates with friends. But I’ve always known that at some point, these things will bounce back. Am slowly getting there…