Waking With . Sarah Ann Macklin

Sarah Ann Macklin is a model on a mission. The fashion industry has come under fire in recent years for promoting underweight models and although attitudes are slowly changing, for many companies health and wellbeing isn't a priority. With that in mind, Sarah has been campaigning to introduce healthy vending machines within modelling agencies - replacing sugary, additive-filled snacks with more nourishing, wholesome products - including our Qnola! Alongside this and modelling full-time, Sarah studied for a degree in nutrition to allow her to help spread the word on the importance of health and wellbeing. We recently caught up with Sarah to hear more about her morning routine and future plans for her wellbeing initiative, the Be Well Collective.

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"I have been modelling for 12 years, working with clients such as Burberry, Vogue, Dolce and Gabbana and Harper’s Bazaar. Whilst living in New York, I was fascinated by the rapid growth in the wellness sector; how engaged the city was and it spiked my already keen interest fitness and nutrition (the latter an area that up until recently has been so poorly adhered to within fashion). Upon my return to London I enrolled in a HND through Oxford college to study Human Nutrition and gained a first class honours BSc in Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan, becoming a AfNr nutritionist. 

Throughout my studies I wrote columns, articles and commented on features for Women’s Health UK, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar and Rake magazine. In 2017, I set up the Be Well Collective to help educate models and agencies within the fashion industry regarding nutrition. Each London Fashion Week season (February and September) I chair a series of talks on nutrition and general wellness with London’s primary model agencies. Within the Be Well Collective I have collaborated with partners such as the London Meditation centre to speak alongside regarding mental health. This is the first time a qualified nutritionist has taken on an educational role on this scale within the heart of the fashion industry to promote wide-scale change. In line with the Be Well Collective, I came up with the idea of curating vending machines within modelling agencies, which are so often full of junk food. Instead I replaced these unhealthy foods with nutritious and low sugar snacks.  My ultimate objective would be replacing all hospital vending machines with this healthy initiative; to give patients and relatives the option to nourish themselves whilst on the mend.

In addition to the above I hold nutrition talks and events at key festivals in the capital and nationwide. I work closely with Head-Talks on mental health and nutrition, speaking at schools. Last month, I spoke at European Parliament with Dr Aseem Maltorha, Sir Richard Thomas (ex-royal physician to the queen) and Hanno Pijl, professor of Diabetology since 2007, to act on the current dietary guidelines and our type 2 diabetes epidemic regarding lifestyle and nutrition.

The first thing I do every morning is boil the kettle always! Peppermint tea is my go to, alongside a glass of water, whilst listening to Nick Grimshaw which always puts me in a happy mood (my Alexa is programed to wake me up to Radio 1). My Alexa wakes me up to music. I always had a really harsh alarm until I went to the Body Camp in Ibiza where they woke you up with load FUN music. I woke up in a happier and more energetic mood. Makes complete sense now – surely a harsh alarm is only going to make you want to crawl back under the covers?

I meditate for 20 minutes before I get ready and have breakfast. Every day is different; I will either have organic yogurt with berries and a mixture of flaxseeds, nuts, maca and Wunder Workshop turmeric powder or eggs. My five most essential breakfast items are Pukka Tea (a must!), yogurt, berries, eggs and the radio.

My most indulgent breakfast; pancakes for sure! Or ordering a few dishes to share at breakfast and in reality, you eat about 5 different ones!

My best morning advice for busy people would be wake up to something happy and mediate. Meditation gives you 20 minutes to yourself, before demands start rolling in. For me, its helped me relax my mind much more.

The best place I’ve ever woken up is either on a yacht in the great barrier reef before I went diving, or in Africa surrounded by elephants. My ideal morning is waking up in the country side. Going for a long run (ideally with dogs!) and coming home to cook a yummy brunch with friends and family.

I love Qnola take away pots. I am constantly travelling or on set and for me its the ideal healthy grab and go brekkie! Full on protein and good carbs, I mix it with yogurt and it is DELICIOUS. The vanilla one! DIVINE!!!"

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