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Roxie Nafousi is one busy lady; alongside being an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation, she is a yoga teacher, lifestyle writer and blogger. As a child, Roxie was subject to cruel, racially charged bullying and following heartbreak in her early 20s, found herself emotionally unraveling supported by booze and big nights out. Following a realisation that she wasn't fulfilling her potential, or being her best self, Roxie took matters into her own hands to find inner happiness. Cutting out alcohol and taking time away from social media were the first step, yoga, writing as therapy and becoming a mental health ambassador all followed. We caught up with Roxie about how she continues to find balance and why she'll always turn to yoga to restore order and routine to her days.

Roxie Nafousi

"I started my journey with my blog but then starting writing for various publications such as Marie Claire, E! Online, Female First etc. I write about health, beauty, fitness but a couple of years ago I started mainly talking about mental health issues as it’s something I am incredibly passionate about. I find writing really therapeutic and I write about personal experiences as well as giving advice to people on how to help their them with stress, anxiety, depression. It amazes me how many of us struggle day to day and I really think it’s time things change! I recently qualified as a yoga teacher and I’m so excited as I honestly believe yoga can do so much for us not just physically but more  importantly, mentally. I guess I just want to make the world a happier place, one smile at a time, in any way that I can!

I wake up at about 5.30/6am, put on a YouTube video of positive affirmations that I let play while I fully wake up. Then I go to my kitchen and have a shot of  apple cider vinegar with a squeezed lemon in warm water, and take my daily vitamins. Then I make my bed and start getting ready. I honestly think a morning routine is key to a productive and a happy day! I am SUCH a morning person, it is my absolute favourite time of day.

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My usual breakfast alternates between smashed avocado on toast, and coconut yogurt with granola and berries! My most essential breakfast items are: coffee, large glass of water, Qnola, vitamins, almond milk.  My most indulgent breakfast is pancakes with Nutella and banana. The Mandrake Hotel in London honestly has one of the best breakfasts I’ve had. The pancakes are insane, but very naughty!

I wake up well by making sure I go to bed early! My best morning advice for busy people is DON’T SNOOZE YOUR ALARM and give yourself a good hour before you need to leave the house so you’re not rushing out - it just makes your day start in a stressful manner and thats not good for us!

The earliest I’ve ever woken up is at 3am as hair and make up were arriving at my hotel at 3.30am  for my Harpers Bazaar Arbaia shoot because we had to be in the desert by 6am for sunrise. On a lazy morning with no plans, I’d wake up, have a shower and spend a good 15 minutes moisturising so I feel super fresh, then I’d go for a long walk, do some yoga and work up an appetite for a long leisurely breakfast in the sunshine at one of my favourite restaurants with someone I love while watching the world go by.

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I can’t think of one [of the best places I've ever woken] specifically but basically anytime I’ve woken up to the sound of ocean. In fact, when you wake up from an afternoon post-sun nap on holiday and you have the breeze coming through. That’s heaven. 

In order to maintain balance between work and home life, I make sure that I plan time every day for yoga and meditation and that at least 2 hours before bed I switch off from work and focus on myself, my friends, family and things that make me happy.

My favourite breakfast combination containing Qnola is coconut yogurt (I really love the brand Coconut Collaborative), honey and blueberries."

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