Since hitting our screens on Made In Chelsea over five years ago, Rosie Fortescue has successfully (and stylishly) carved a name for herself in the fashion and fitness arenas.  Known on MIC for her witty remarks and impeccable wardrobe, Rosie is one of the only remaining cast members whose private life hasn’t been splashed across the tabloids.

 With a loyal online fanbase of her style blog At Fashion Forte and over 500k Instagram followers, Rosie is the go-to gal for the latest foodie, fashion and fitness trends. From morning workout sessions at Kobox on Kings Road to photoshoots for Rosie Fortescue Jewellery and healthy breakfast snaps to make even the biggest food fans drool, it’s clear that this is one lady with a lot on her plate. Having recently launched her own brand, Rosie Fortescue Jewellery, we wanted to find out how she wakes up well whilst running a business and juggling social commitments.

“Rosie Fortescue Jewellery has been my baby in the working for 3 years now but I launched my first collection at the end of last year. My second collection launched a couple of months ago in Fortnum & Mason, which was a dream come true. I do everything for my brand: from the order fulfilment from home to going to the post office to styling my campaign shoot. I am fortunate enough to absolutely adore what I do so I just love getting stuck in with everything!

The first thing I do when I wake up is make sure that there’s some social media sorted for the day for the jewellery Instagram, check the weather to outfit plan and then package up orders. I make breakfast at home if I don’t have meetings, (Qnola of course with Coyo and berries) and publish a blog post. I go to the gym in the morning if I don’t have meetings and then post the jewellery on the way.

I have phases with my breakfast. I go in waves of peanut butter on homemade quinoa bread with chopped banana, or avocado on toast with poached eggs, or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, or Qnola and Coyo with fruit. Currently I am in a nut butter phase, which I can pretty much put on anything. My most essential breakfast items are homemade peanut butter, eggs (poached, scrambled or fried), chorizo to add to an omelette, chilli flakes and fresh mint for tea.

My healthiest breakfast is omlette with two eggs, chopped cherry tomatoes, spinach, chives and chilli flakes but a full English breakfast is a weakness of mine. Fried bread with marmalade and crispy bacon is literally heaven!

I wake up well by hopefully not waking up numerous times in the night. I get sleep paralysis too and never really have a night’s sleep without waking up a few times. I would love to get into meditation to start my morning with a clear head and need to stop wasting so much time on Instagram.

I’m actually really good with mornings, the earliest I’ve been up is 3am for a flight; early flights don’t bother me and it means you get to make the most of the day in your holiday destination. Only on my last flight did I buy one of those neck pillows. LIFE CHANGER. I was able to sleep on the flight most of the way, which was the total dream.

I can’t lie in so the latest I’ve woken up is around 9.30 am and that’s even after a REALLY late night and maybe only a few hours sleep.The best place I’ve woken is at home, on a Sunday with no immediate work to do and chilling with my dog Noodle. For an ideal morning, I would put on my cashmere tracksuit, read the papers, call my parents for a catch up and generally just chill and make food. On a weekend, I love catching up with friends and having long lunches.

My best piece of morning advice would be: do something that makes you and other people smile. “

Follow Rosie and find out the latest from her jewellery line at @rosiefortescue @rosiefortescuejewellery