Waking With . Pip Roberts

There are some people you meet in life that you instantly connect with and Pip Roberts is one of them, for us. We first met almost exactly a year ago on Obonjan Island (where she heads up the fitness and wellbeing programme) and have been fortunate enough to work together with her on various Wake Up Well™ events since. Counting Elle Macpherson amongst her private clients, Pip is a wellness guru and strala trained yoga instructor whose style of movement is informal, honest, energetic and laid back all at the same time; a session with Pip always leaves us feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Read on to explore her morning routines, the importance of sleep and how little changes can make a big difference.

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I work in wellbeing - I run the-happy.co.uk which brings wellbeing to workspaces. I used to work in big pharma and have first hand experience of just how out of balance the workplace can make life as a whole. We offer coaching, movement and workshops to companies in the hope that this can become a thing of the past, helping companies by producing a programme that fits their people and ethos seamlessly. Outside of this I work with Obonjan Island programming the yoga and fitness schedule for the season as well as teaching yoga in studios, privately and wellbeing coaching on a one to one level.

I am an early bird, with a body clock that wakes me at 5:18am every morning (I am not sure why!). The first thing I do each morning is always a few deep breaths before a meditation. The meditation doesn't need to be long, just long enough to connect inwards. Some days this is much more challenging than others, but so is life! Breakfast usually consists of a juice before teaching, I love how much good food I can get into my body whilst I am on the move if I juice up. On those days where I am at the desk in the morning I have a second breakfast; usually fruit, chia, some kind of homemade nut or seed milk milk and of course Qnola - an easy way of getting protein in to my largely vegan breakfast. My five favourite morning ingredients are avocado, seeds, grains, fruits and eggs.

I wake up well by SHOCK HORROR going to bed early enough. Not enough emphasis is placed on good sleep quality - too many of us run around on too few hours of shut eye. If I was to choose just one sequence from my yoga practice for morning movement that is non-negotiable, it would be a really fluid cow-cat flow, letting your hips roll around too so that you really wake the whole spine. Works wonders in just 3 minutes and again really connects you internally as you tune into your intuition and listen to where your body is asking to be opened up. On the flip side I wind down well with meditation: a rotation of consciousness usually sends me to sleep immediately.

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Apart from the usual plane trips etc, the earliest I've ever woken is 3:45 am on a vipassana meditation retreat for 10 days. The best place I've ever woken is Obonjan (obviously!) a very special island in Croatia - I am there for work, but I love this job!

One thing I need to do more of in the mornings is slow down! I do everything with a little too much haste. Something I need to do less of in the morning (and this applies to the whole day) is look at my phone. My best piece of morning advice would be to find what works for you. We are all different: take a few weeks to try an idea out to really feel its effect. A small step may have big pay offs. Go slow and don't implement six things at once - it will be unclear which really makes the difference to you."

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We'll be joining Pip on Obonjan Island this weekend until the 23rd August for a series of Wake Up Well™ workshops - there's still time to book your tickets...