Waking With . Pack'd

We like to think that when it comes to waking up well, we've got breakfast covered. With that in mind, we also know that breakfast isn't the only essential ingredient for a good start to the day; meditation, exercise, reading, journaling - we love how everyone's morning routine is so varied. Case in point: our friends at PACK’D understand that good nutrition boosts personal performance and yet each of the team start their day differently. Founded by best friends Luke & Alex, PACK’D creates nutritious frozen smoothie kits made from 100%  natural ingredients for targeted nutrition. We caught up with the team to hear more about their essential breakfast ingredients and what morning rituals help them out of bed each day... 


"We believe that nutrition is a crucial step in reaching your personal best! We’re on a mission to help as many people as possible to shun mass produced artificial nutrition in favour of natural home blending that will boost performance. So far, we’ve pioneered nutritious frozen Smoothie Kits and a revolutionary take on the protein shake.

Every morning Luke wakes up at 6.15am with his Lumie Light, has a smoothie and quickly does his journal, heads to the gym, showers and the heads in to work.

Paul at PACK’D starts breakfast number one with four poached eggs (two and a half minutes per egg), on sourdough. Salt and pepper are essential, a bit of spinach on the side when he has time! Yes that does mean 28 eggs a week – we’re told Ocado is the key supplier for this creature of habit. Following a morning gym session, breakfast number two is a PACK’D Protein Smoothie in the office.


Our five most essential breakfast items include:
- A glass of water, hydration is key for optimal nutrition.
- A PACK’D smoothie, we love getting vitamins in at breakfast so naturally one of our smoothies is our obvious choice.
- Almond butter (Pip & Nut is our favourite).
- Porridge oats (especially easy ones like Oomf).
- Eggs, a winner on taste and nutrition.

We wake up well with a good eight hours sleep, Luke loves a Lumie alarm clock for a gentle wake up. Followed by a Crossfit session or a chilled jog (Luke), Kobox workout (Harriet) or a HIT class (Paul).

Our healthiest breakfast would be our Protein + Smoothie kit, blended with Almond milk. It has up to 20g of protein and nine essential vitamins and minerals. All of our smoothie kits contain flash frozen, precisely portioned fruit and veg sachets combined with superfoods and high quality whey. They’re low sugar, with targeted nutrition and the protein keeps you full until lunchtime.

Our most indulgent breakfast would probably be some really good quality rye bread or sourdough, with salted butter, sliced avocado, scrambled eggs (Clarence Court are the ultimate!!) and fried haloumi. Here at PACK’D we love avocado, and also burritos. So a breakfast burrito would be close in the running.


Our best morning advice for busy people?
- Make your bed (it sets your day off right achieving the first task of the day, and it’s always nice to come home to a made bed).
- Plan your day before, including meals, workouts and work commitments, and pack your bag too so nothing gets forgotten.
- A morning workout can really get those endorphins pumping for that feel good factor which keeps you fuelled everyday.

One thing we need to do more of in the mornings is mindfulness; we all hear how important this is, especially the busier you get. One thing we need to do less of in the mornings is commuting; who needs it . . .

The best place one us has woken up? Charlie woke up in a hut with no electricity on a secluded beach on the north-west coast of Borneo (Manana), breakfast was fresh fruit straight from the rainforest. He loved the tranquility, and going back to basics.

We balance work and home life by having a hobby outside of work, that forces you to think outside the box and really get into the zone; by trying to stick to a structure as much as possible and ringposting time to chill and planning our days ahead of time.

Our ideal morning with no plans would include having our favourite breakfast with a cup in tea in bed, followed by a nice wander on Hampstead Health or Richmond park and maybe a cheeky hot chocolate."

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