Waking With . Lottie Murphy

Pilates instructor Lottie Murphy has many strings to her bow, as well as being a full-time pilates teacher, she runs events and retreats (both here in the UK and abroad) and writes about all things wellness, food, fitness and travel on her popular blog. Oh and did we mention she has nearly 64k YouTube followers? Needless to say, Lottie is one busy lady. We recently got some hang time in with Lottie to hear more about how she strikes day-to-day balance and the importance of a proper morning routine.


"The first thing I do in the morning is make a lemon, apple cider vinegar, manuka honey and turmeric warm water. I usually make breakfast then too and jump back in bed and read or watch the news with Sam, my boyfriend. I love this little bit of time we get together in the morning before going our separate ways for the day. My day to day life is very varied but I might be teaching Pilates, attending an event, working on my laptop, shooting or travelling. I wake up well by getting a good 8 hours sleep the night before. I feel the difference instantly if I’ve not had enough sleep. I also try not to hit snooze too much, breakfast helps with that; it’s the best meal of the day.

My usual breakfast is porridge or a smoothie. I currently love a banana smoothie with spinach, peanut butter, oats and nut milk. I love a thick smoothie I can eat with a spoon so toppings are essential too. At the weekend I usually head out for brunch. I choose avocado on sourdough 80% of the time or a brown rice dish with salmon. If I’m at home at the weekend for breakfast then I’ll make pancakes!

My five most essential breakfast items are:
Frozen blueberries - if you’re making a smoothie then they make it so cold and creamy or I heat them up for compote on top of porridge or pancakes.
Nut butter - just the perfect topping for most things, a source of good fats and protein too.
Nut milk - I love almond, hazelnut and oat. I need to get into the habit of making my own again.  Perfect with an English breakfast tea too.
Cinnamon - my favourite spice for breakfast time. I’m also trying to cut back on sugar so cinnamon instead of honey is my go to.
Ripe bananas - if I don’t have bananas in the kitchen then I’m worried. Mashed for pancakes, topped on granola or porridge, frozen the night before for a smoothie or simply sliced and topped with nut butter for a simple brekkie.

My best breakfast? I had an amazing quince porridge the other day at Dayrooms café, it had a plum compote and the most amazing nuts on top. I wish I could make that for myself every morning. There’s also a breakfast dish at Caravan which is brown rice topped with seaweed, alfafa sprouts, smoked salmon, avocado and miso and this makes me feel so healthy and nourished from the inside out. It’s amazing and not something I’d make for myself every day. Most indulgent breakfast would be the pancakes at Sunday café in Islington, they are insane! The bananas are caramelised and it’s literally swimming in maple syrup. I was definitely in a sugar coma afterwards but so worth it!


My best morning advice for busy people is to prep everything the night before from what you’re wearing to your travel to your breakfast. I also lay my skincare and make up out in my bathroom if I have an early or busy start. I used to think I needed to meditate every morning or do a full 30 minutes yoga and movement but that was just stressing me out more and I’d feel bad if I didn’t do it so I now incorporate those activities into my week and take it easy in the mornings. Simple is best, a healthy breakfast and a scroll through my diary and tasks for the day. My ideal morning would be waking up in a big house full of my friends and family and all enjoying a long lazy breakfast feast together, laughing chatting and listening to music.

I feel recently I have quite a relaxed mind most of the time as I try not to let things overwhelm me and as a pilates teacher and lifestyle wellness blogger my life doesn’t need to be stressful. If I do feel overwhelmed though then it’s best if I write a list of everything that is making me feel that way. So I would say writing helps me relax my mind. Reading helps me unwind.

There are too many career highlights to mention as every day feels like a dream but I would say being on retreat with wonderful guests, hiking in the sunshine, teaching Pilates and enjoying incredible food together is the best part of my job.

Qnola is just beautiful, it makes my smoothie and porridge feel so much more of treat when sprinkled on top."