Waking With . La Crèmerie

We first discovered La Crèmerie in Selfridges Food Hall during the launch of their Eat Happy campaign and have been hooked on their delicious dairy-free rice yoghurts since. Made by blending rice and water with live cultures, La Crèmerie is is the UK’s first rice yoghurt alternative. Dissatisfied by the limited selection of dairy-free yoghurts on the market, founder by Renée Lacroix saw a gap in the market for a new vegan option. Following an intense stint learning the ropes of artisanal yoghurt making in Brittany, she launched the brand in early 2017. Made using three ingredients (organic rice, water and live cultures) La Crèmerie is now available to enjoy in five (beautiful) flavours. We caught up with Renée after a busy session sampling at Selfridges last month to hear more about the brand and the best breakfast of her life.

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"I wake up well the I only know one way: by sleeping well! I’m unfortunately not a morning person, but have always been deeply envious of those who are so to counter this I’ve started this weekday ritual called Miracle Morning about a year and a half ago. The concept is very simple: you wake up an hour earlier than usual and spend the first hour of your day doing self-development activities such as meditation, journaling, affirmations, visualisations or exercise. It’s really helped me enjoy my mornings, which used to consist in snoozing at late as I could then rushing off to work. There’s a French saying that goes “the future belongs to those who wake up early”… which I often need to remind myself!

I love travelling so my favourite place to wake up is in a place I’ve never been before. The earliest I’ve ever woken up was at 3.30 am to climb up Macchu Picchu to watch the sunrise. I’d only had 2 or 3 hours of sleep so the wake was painful but the view was so breath-taking I would do it again in a heartbeat. I went to Istanbul a few years ago and absolutely loved the Turkish breakfasts. My favourite café, Brew for Two in Hackney Central do a similar version which I’ve had countless times.

I love a good smoothie. My go-to recipe is a banana, frozen fruits, coconut water, a spoonful of rice yoghurt and a pinch of baobab powder. I normally accompany this with nut butter on toast. I sometimes also prep an oats and chia pudding the evening before and top off with berries, nuts and seeds in the morning. I train for triathlons so for an indulgent breakfast, I love to treat myself to a huge veggie Sunday roast after a race.

My five most essential breakfast items are:
1. Bananas
2. Sourdough bread
3. Cashew butter
4. Cashew milk
5. Rice yoghurt (obviously). My favourite flavour is actually the Original because it’s so versatile: I can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and use it in either sweet or savoury recipes and desserts.


It’s funny but I actually became a foodie when I started a plant-based diet. When I began cutting out certain food categories, I started searching for alternatives and discovered a whole and exciting new world. I became more aware of the direct impact of nutrition on health. ‘You are what you eat’, it may sound cliché but it’s true.

My daily meditation practice is by far my best tool for a balanced life. Not only does it help manage stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, but it’s also enabled me to improve my relationships, develop empathy and increase my general sense of wellbeing. Overall it has allowed me to become a much better person.

My favourite moments are when I get feedback from customers. I love reading and hearing from people when they first discover our products. Instagram has allowed customers and brands to interact directly and very quickly; nothing makes me happier than to wake up to a tagged post, an enthusiastic story or a heartfelt review.

If you really believe in it, just do it. You might not know how, but just get started and you’ll figure the rest out as you go."