Waking With . Holly Allenby from The Acey



What do you think of when you think of sustainable fashion? Vegan shoes? Pleather? Shapeless and colourless hemp dresses? Although animal and earth-friendly goods are (finally) becoming increasingly popular and respected, there is still a very limited selection of actually wearable options that fit this description. Holly Allenby, founder of The Acey, is on a mission to change that. The Acey is an online shopping destination for style with purpose that stocks independent and honest women’s wear that we believe are doing business better by sourcing and producing products responsibly. Read on to find out more about the morning routines that drive her energy behind running a business and her constant passion for making a difference.

"My work day usually begins with checking the news, my emails and social media in bed. Then I put the kettle on whilst en route to the shower, for a simple cup of hot water and lemon. This morning I did not go on the run I was planning to go on, had a shower, a glass of hot lemon, made scrambled eggs with smoked mackerel and rushed out the door to the studio which is just around the corner. Tomorrow morning I will have a breakfast meeting at 8.30am in Central London - so will be up and out by 7.30am to venture from East London!

My essential breakfast items include said glass of hot water and lemon, eggs, avocado, tabasco sauce, along with a green juice from time to time, if I'm feeling particularly rundown. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so this is what gets me out of bed! I won't Wake Up Well without a good breakfast. I love Qnola because it’s uniquely delicious and can be added as a topping to so many things. Other than the Ginger + Goji one, I love soaked chia seeds as a healthy breakfast option - made with either in water or nut milk. It's not the most indulgent option but it feels so healthy. For something more indulgent, I love smoked salmon with scrambled eggs.

One thing I need to do more of in the mornings is stretch and exercise - story of my life! I really want to start integrating exercise into my daily life so it doesn't feel like such a chore, but at the moment it sits toward the end of my days, if and when I can fit it in. I love ending the day at Tempo pilates - just opposite my studio.

The earliest I've ever woken up is probably to catch a flight. I love it though, waking up at 3am in the dark always feels like an adventure! The latest I've ever woken up was last Christmas, back in my hometown of Hull. I didn't wake up until midday which is so out of character, but I think it was literally my body shutting down after such a busy lead up to the holidays.

The best place I've ever woken is my Mums house. Although I now live in London, that will always be home.

My ideal morning in London would involve waking naturally with no alarm set. I'd go out for a big breakfast locally at either E5 Bakehouse, Tiosk on Broadway market.

My morning advice? Always a glass of hot lemon & don’t click sleep on your alarm!"