Waking With . Eminé Rushton

Since joining Psychologies magazine over seven years ago, Eminé Rushton has written her debut book, launched her own conscious consultancy company and raised a family - not to mention maintaining a busy day-to-day editorial schedule. Like us, Eminé holds a balanced, natural and holistic approach to health and wellness and encourages seasonal eating whenever possible. With over 15 years experience in the wellness industry under her belt, we wanted to tap into Eminé's wealth of knowledge and discover her Wake Up Well secrets and tips.

"I’m usually woken at 7am by one or both of my children… I have my phone turned off and downstairs, and wake with natural light (we have thin curtains), or my Lumi light in winter, and then sit up in bed, have some water, and try to meditate for 20 mins before the day really begins. My morning meditation does not always happen, and if it doesn’t that’s cool – I know I’ll have time for at least one before bedtime, and that helps to keep me on an even keel. I don’t engage with work, or my phone, at all until after I’ve had breakfast (around 8.30am). The mornings are for stillness, followed by family. My best piece of morning advice? Before you do anything – even open your eyes – bring yourself into your body, feel what you feel, think what you think, and just be still for a few moments.

We always get up as a family, I get the girls dressed and readied and my husband heads down to the kitchen to make something wholesome for breakfast – we make almost all of our food from scratch at home, and grow 75% of our veg and herbs at our allotment. Some mornings it’s eggs and greens on homemade sourdough, others it’s oaty-coconut-chai waffles… we always have a really good cooked breakfast, after a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lime in it, to kickstart digestion. I’ve also been taking a morning probiotic and enzyme complex, as part of a great healing gut protocol, prescribed by Eve Kalinik.

On a lazy morning with no plans (blissful!) I would wake naturally without an alarm (mechanical or human i.e. my children) I would scrape my tongue, oil pull with coconut oil, have some fresh warm water, and then meditate for 20 minutes. I would then stretch and walk out to the garden, feed Pip (my rabbit), and boil the kettle. My husband and I would eat breakfast outside, making easy plans for the day. We’d sit and read, and talk, and laugh. We’d do a short yoga session in the garden and then plant some new flowers and herbs… we might then go for a sunny walk through the local woodland…

Our average family breakfasts tend to look quite indulgent to an outsider – waffles, pancakes, halloumi bread etc… but we make it all from scratch, with wonderfully healthy batters, using organic spelt, or rye, or buckwheat, coconut flour, or oat flour… we mix things up, as variety is crucial for good health, and add lots of lovely spice – my children are obsessed with cinnamon! We also add baobab, maca, ginger, cloves, cardamom to our batters, and use organic goat’s milk or nut milks… topping with berries, nut butter, raw honey, bee pollen, coconut… it looks indulgent, because it’s filing and generous and wholesome – but wholly nourishing too.

The best breakfast I've ever eaten is fresh Turkish hellim (halloumi), with black olives, watermelon and toasty sourdough bread, by the sea, in Cyprus; I eat it over and over again every summer. Recently I’ve been enjoying savoury Qnola on scrambled eggs with wilted spinach, chard and rocket from our allotment – lots of good olive oil, black pepper and a pinch of chilli… perfect!

One thing I need to do more of in the mornings is stop my mind racing from 'wake up' to ‘must do’ within seconds. I’m getting better… and now often wake up slowly, a few blinks, taking in the light, and giving thanks for the things that come to me that morning. A healthy family, a safe home, a wonderful working life… it gives the mind a positive pep-talk and helps the day begin with optimism.

One thing I need to do less of in the mornings is rush. When my lunch, work bag and clothes are all organized from the night before, I have a far more relaxed start to the day. When none of the above is done, I can be flying around, while my husband is making breakfast, trying to get girls ready, myself ready… chaos! I’ve also learned that a busy inbox is not a good breakfast guest… I leave my phone off until I know I’ll have the right amount of time to deal with whatever I may encounter. Occasionally I’ll line up a social media post from the night before too, so that I won’t have to expend extra energy on that upon waking.

When in comes to winding down well, I love magnesium baths, or I spray the soles of my feet and between my toes with a transdermal spray which really helps absorption; I mist my bed with Neom Tranquility Spray or This Works Pillow Mist, every night; I curl up with a really comforting read – a great cookbook, a warm novel; or I lie on my back, in bed, with my feet up on the wall, to encourage my body to shut down and blood to rush back down if I’ve been on my feet a lot. I’d ideally do an online yoga class with Movement for Modern Life an hour before bed too. I opt for very relaxing classes such as Yoga Nidra (if I’m exhausted), or slow flow if I’m tense, which really prepare you for sleep.

My idea of weekending well is feeling happy, blessed, optimistic and excited about life. Feeling that my family are all in a good place and we are all enjoying each other. Having lovely plans for the days ahead and a spring in my step. Getting time to rest, read, meditate, do yoga really help me feel sane and centred. If I have to cut back on all of these, I sense a shift in myself, and I know I need to remedy it, sooner rather than later.

Eminé on careers:
I’ve always consulted for natural brands ‘on the side’ of my job at Psychologies, but formalizing what I do felt right, and good. The green community is growing, and filled with such brilliant, passionate, authentic women – and bringing people together is such a joy. Whether creating content, sound-boarding, planning events, building partnerships or reaching out to fellow editors, LEAF takes a really organic approach to growth. You can’t force it, but you can put down strong, nourished roots and build on good stuff… that’s the best way to bloom!

I believe you cannot separate body, mind, spirit, and that it’s all very well to eat well and work out, but if you’re not taking the time to strengthen yourself spiritually, and do things that buoy you up psychologically, then you’re ignoring some important parts of your whole, beautiful picture – YOU.