Waking With . Desmond & Dempsey

For the majority of people - especially in Winter - getting out bed in the morning can be a struggle; it often requires serious willpower to turn off the alarm and get moving without feeling tempted to jump back to the safe confines of the duvet. 

Wearing comfortable, stylish PJ's is one of the best (and most enjoyable) ways to make the transition from the bedroom to breakfast table easier each morning. Good sleepwear can be hard to come by; for many of us it's usually a well-worn combination of a ratty old t-shirt and saggy jogging bottoms. Hardly 'I woke up like this' material. One brand ready to change our sleeping rituals is Desmond & Dempsey; known for their collection of luxury cotton pyjamas in playful, eye-catching prints, D&D create nightwear you actually want to wear, and which is actually socially acceptable in the company of others. 

Founded by couple Molly Goddard and Joel Jeffery, Desmond & Dempsey was born out of Molly's love for wearing/nicking Joel's shirts at night and has developed to include both womens and mens pyjamas in both comfort and chic designs. We caught up with Molly to hear more about the duo's morning routines and how they Wake Up Well as owners of a successful start up. 

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"We launched Desmond & Dempsey after one too many stolen shirts and vegemite stains. When I moved over from Australia, I would spend all Sunday mooching around in Joel's shirts - three months in... Joel decided it was time for me to get my own. When we went shopping, I couldn't find anything that was cotton nor had love hearts or butterflies all over them. A year later we launched Desmond & Dempsey. Our mission is to help Savour the Sunday.

The first thing you do every morning is turn the radio on!! I like to listen to the news whilst we're getting ready. I walk to work as much as I can and usually pop into our favourite coffee shop on the way in. Breakfast through the week a great big smoothie - and on weekends its all about the eggs. 

I do believe waking up in a pair of D&D's sets a tone to the day, honestly! The first thing we do when we wake up is look in the mirror. When you look good you feel good and a pair of D&D's is a far better look then a baggy old to shirt.

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My best morning advice for busy people is to make breakfast the night before!! One thing I personally need to do more of in the mornings is spend time getting prepared for the day. It makes such a difference sitting down for 5 minutes and mapping out the day - haha but good habits always seem that much harder to start... One thing I need to do less of in the morning is coffee... I drink far to much!

it's hard to chose the best place I've ever woken but I love waking up on the coast at home in Australia. The Mangos in Australia at Christmas time are pretty sensational and make the best breakfast.

We're very lucky that our windows at home in London look out into everyone's gardens so the first thing I see every morning is lots of trees. If we didn't have any plans, our ideal lazy morning would be spent in bed with coffee and lots of interior magazines.

I love Qnola because it's so damn delicious and I think Danielle and story behind the brand is great! If I had to choose a favourite flavour, it'd be the Cacao & Cashew one with full cream milk and banana!"

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