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By creating a healthy and particularly tasty plant-based yoghurt, Abbot Kinney's are at the forefront of a market that's undeniably the future for food. Made using the best quality ingredients they can find, whether it's creamy coconuts from Sri Lanka and Vietnam, Sicilian almonds or Indian mangos, Abbot Kinney's range of 100% natural plant-based yoghurts are one of our favourites to enjoy with a sprinkle of Qnola.

We caught up Abbot Kinney's with co-founder Jimme about how he keeps his team energised and why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

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"Recently my day starts with feeding my 3 week old daughter, followed by changing a diaper. Then I’ll have some time for myself to have breakfast and then go to the office!

The first years of starting Abbot Kinney’s there was no balance between work and home life… I believe this is also necessary to build something sustainable. But nowadays we have a great team around us which gives me and my business partner more flexibility to restore that balance. Becoming a father is also a good moment to value ‘home life’ more.

In the morning quickly after arriving in the office, we start with our team stand-up huddle. During the huddle we all discuss briefly our successes, goals and questions for support from the team. It's important that we do this together while standing, and everyone can only talk for 2 minutes! This way everyone starts their day energised and updated!

After the huddle my days can be very different, from office days to follow up on administrative stuff to meetings with the different team members, manufacturers or customers. More regularly I travel to food fairs, events and customers abroad. We’ve experienced many highlights (and many downsides) but what is most fulfilling usually is receiving letters, big thank you’s and presents from customers who are in love with our products. That’s eventually what it’s all about…

For breakfast I’m having our Almond Start with some fruit, granola and a cup of tea. I prefer the Almond in the morning because it’s less sweet than our coconut yoghurt and perfect to combine with fruit. In the morning, I like something that’s easy, quick to prepare an spoonable like plant-based yoghurt ☺. I need a combination of cereals and fruit for my energy level and vitamins. Next to that I need something warm to drink. Tea comes first to start. Coffee comes later, mainly for the ‘coffee moment’ and taste.

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My most indulgent breakfast would be banana pancakes, great to combine with Coco Start or Almond Start. Topped with strawberry’s and maple syrup. My girlfriend can make this like no other! My best ever breakfast would be at one of our recourse moments in Sri Lanka. We were visiting a factory and had a really nice Airbnb with the most friendly woman as a host. Every morning we woke up with this incredible view over the mountains, starting the day with a home made local breakfast including fresh fruits from the fields. This I could easily do over and over again!

I’m much more conscious about what I buy and eat since I started Abbot Kinney’s. Before I was already eating healthy but too much meat and dairy products. I stopped eating dairy products (except for some good cheese sometimes, guilty pleasure) and I rarely eat meat. I feel better since and have less ‘dips’ during the day. I believe a balanced but mostly plant-based diet is what is best for your body and our planet!

My best morning advice? First of all make time to really have breakfast! It’s a cliché, but it’s really the most important start to the day. Make sure you don’t really have to prepare your breakfast. Just grab a bowl, the ingredients and make sure you can put everything together in a minute or so. Other advice could be you have breakfast at work, if circumstances allow setup breakfast meetings in the office.

When I studied I was able to wake-up around 2pm in the afternoon. Probably had something to do with parties the night before… Nowadays life is a bit different, my daughter already decided (and so automatically do we..) a few times to not sleep at all ☺.

The best place I’ve ever woken up is in Kiruna, Lapland, all the way up north in Sweden; it was a very special experience. A fairytale type of world like I’ve never seen before. My ideal morning would consist of a good breakfast followed by getting my newspaper (good old fashioned newspaper!), take place in my reading chair (preferably outside when the sun is shining), grab a coffee, put on some relaxing music and start reading…

If I had to choose a favourite Qnola flavour, for me it’s the Beetroot & Pistachio combination that stands out! As at first I wasn’t sure about the beetroot part in my morning ritual but after tasting I was fully convinced.

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