Dairy Free Easter Treats

If you're trying to cut back on your dairy intake, Easter can be a bit of a chocolate minefield. Even as early as January, it seems, Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies are everywhere you look; at the supermarket check out, on the tube, in the office. But these stars of the shelves all contain allergens and less nutritious ingredients that many people try or need to avoid. With that in mind, we've compiled a little list of our favourite dairy-free (and in most cases refined-sugar-free) chocolate options so that you can have your chocolate and eat it this Easter. 

Coco Caravan.jpg

Coco Caravan - £6
Soft centre eggs filled with vegan caramel... need we say more? Made using raw chocolate, the eggs have been sweetened with coconut blossom nectar, making them perfect for a paleo diet too. 


Loving Earth.jpg

Loving Earth - 2 for £6
Fact: chocolate and nuts are a match made in heaven. Loving's Earths creamy Hazelnut chocolate is vegan, refined sugar-free and Fair Trade with packaging made from 97% recycled fibres. Not only is it totally delicious but ethical too, that's our kinda chocolate.



Ombar - £1.49
Everyone loves chocolate buttons! Ombar's raw Coco Mylk buttons are organic, vegan, free from refined sugar and even contain probiotics to help keep your gut in check. Each little bag is the perfect portion size, meaning unless you bulk buy (and we wouldn't judge if you do) you won't overdo it this Easter. 



Raw Halo - from £3.99
Made using a grand total of three (cacao butter, cacao powder & coconut sugar) ingredients, this dark but dreamy Raw Halo bar is bursting with intense flavours, ideal for a rich chocolate craving. The bar is 100% organic and suitable for vegans too - superfood chocolate doesn't get much better.


Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam - Easter hamper £20
With over 20 mini-bars of their best-selling flavours, Doisy & Dam's Easter hamper is the perfect gift for the chocoholic in your life. Who needs Creme Eggs when you've got delicious mini D&D's?! 



Maza - £7.99
Made using 100% natural ingredients with at least 70% cacao solids, Maza focuses on three distinct flavours: Almond, Coconut and Dark. Our favourite is the Almond - finished with a sprinkling of sea salt and almonds to contrast the intense, rich cacao.


Pana Chocolate.png

Pana Chocolate
If you're looking to treat someone special, Pana Chocolate have released an Easter Gift Set including four of their favourite raw, organic and handmade flavours; each bar is lovingly hand wrapped and packaged in eco-friendly and recycled materials. The Easter pack also has a cute gift tag to write your own message.   


Booja Booja.jpg

Booja Booja
What do you get if you combine silky smooth melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with freshly brewed coffee? Total heaven. These Around Midnight espresso infused chocolates won't last long, trust us...