Moon Journal . Super New Moon in Cancer

June 24th 2:31 am GMT

A Super New Moon in the sensitive realm of Cancer appears in our skies on the 24th June. As we meet the darkness of this moon, we are invited to welcome our emotions as important guides that help us to let go of what no longer serves, and welcome a new opportunity to discover our natural rhythm with life.

A super moon occurs when the moon is in its closest orbit to the earth, meaning that its gravitational pull is stronger, and just as it effects the earth’s tides so does it influence our emotions. This can result in a period of intensity, and yet if we can look within and open ourselves to explore the root of these emotions, we can experience profound transformation.

Cancer is the sign that governs our sense of home and relationships, and in this cycle we can reflect upon the sense of home we create within ourselves and how this impacts our relationships - both with ourselves and each other. As we release and let go of old emotions that have kept us in a place of stagnation, we open up space within ourselves; creating greater freedom within our lives and in turn energising and nurturing all of our relationships.

As we grow in understanding that everything is interconnected, we begin to see our relationships in a new light. Other people may trigger our emotions, and while this may not be easy, this can show us where we place expectations and demands upon others. As we turn our gaze inward we can rest our attention within the heart. From here we begin to see that we have everything we need within us. This in turn frees our relationships and brings us deeper into the true essence of our lives.

If we remain open to change, this potent super moon exists as portal to a new and exciting breakthrough. Trust and confirm your place in the heart of love, knowing that hidden within difficult times there lies a treasure waiting to be unearthed. 

Image Alexander Calder