Super Bowl(s)


If you enjoy granola as much as we do, chances are you'll have a favourite breakfast bowl. Much like having a favourite kind of milk or type of coffee, breakfast feels that much better when eaten out of your usual serveware. With that in mind, we've compiled a little list of some of our current favourites - all shapes, all sizes and all perfect for your next bowl of Qnola goodness... 


With an intricately decorated exterior - inspired by Sea Urchins - this beautiful deep ceramic bowl is perfect for piling your toppings high.


The Everyday Range range is hand thrown in Emma’s studio using a fine stoneware clay and is finished with, tactile satin matt glazes, in soft pastel shades. Each bowl is dented while the clay is still soft giving a sensual aesthetic and a form that is ergonomic to use.

Kana London.jpg

Using a mixture of clays, Kana London goes against traditional ceramic practices with hand-built pieces for a totally unique product. We love the finish on this chic Udon bowl.


ARKET - £12
Made of terracotta with a colour-glazed inner, the outside of Arket's bowl is left unglazed for a natural finish.


HAY - £9
Made from durable porcelain with a slightly translucent coloured lacquer, the Rainbow bowl in sand is both delicate and chic. It comes in a variety of colours too, if you like to mix and match your crockery.


FALCON ENAMELWARE - £34 for a set of 4
We love Falcon Enamelware's chic simplicity: from 12cm bowls to deep serving plates, every meal looks super enticing when served in one of their products. 


Crafted from stoneware, this monochromatic bowl (available in mint and sky) makes a colourful statement in your kitchen.

Zara Home.jpg

ZARA HOME - £7.99
We always try to support independent businesses but the high-street is a great place to pick up cheaper alternatives, like this pastel Zara bowl, for when you're on a budget.