Plant-Based Yoghurts To Add To Your Basket

A recent study suggests that nearly 60% of us skip breakfast in the morning as they either don't have time or feel uninspired by the choice of breakfast options. We developed Qnola as a quick and convenient product that provides sustainable energy and high quality nutrition to get you functioning in the morning, without compromising on taste.

We love it straight from the pouch as a dry snack, or added to other nuts and dried ingredients to create a unique trail mix (you can also eat breakfast anytime of the day, don't let anyone tell you otherwise). We also love sprinkling Qnola on plant-based yoghurt with a selection of fresh fruit/compote/nut butter/adaptogens for a quick, nourishing morning meal.

Whether you're lactose intolerant, vegan or simply trying to eat less animal produce, plant-based yoghurts are a great, natural way of upping your morning intake of protein, fibre and calcium and go hand-in-hand with our range of gluten and refined sugar free quinoa granolas. Here, we've picked some of our favourites - many of which are available to enjoy from your local convenience store or online.


Rebel Kitchen

This coffee flavoured organic yoghurt made from young green coconut meat with live vegan cultures is the perfect partner for our Cocoa & Walnut Quinoa Oat Crunch granola.



Made in the UK with a combination of cacao, apple juice and coconut nectar, CoYo's chocolate coconut yoghurt is naturally indulgent and delicious with our Cinnamon & Vanilla Quinoa Oat Crunch granola.


Abbot Kinney's

Add organic raspberries to creamy Sri Lankan and Vietnamese coconut and you get a fresh fruit-infused yoghurt, perfect for pairing with our Mixed Berry & Coconut Quinoa Oat Crunch granola.



Creamy cashew milk (made from the highest quality organic Vietnamese cashews) is carefully balanced with vegan yoghurt cultures to create a gentle, natural cashew yoghurt; a tasty base for our Cacao & Cashew quinoa granola.


Coconut Collaborative

Made from coconut milk and only natural sugars, The Coconut Collaborative is the cool kid on the vegan yoghurt block. We like ours with a sprinkle of our signature Almond & Vanilla quinoa granola.


La Crèmerie

We've been a fan of La Crèmerie since we discovered their rice yoghurts in Selfridges and this cherry rhubarb flavour is a dream to enjoy with our oxidant rich Beetroot & Pistachio quinoa granola.