Morning Mantras with Kyle Gray

As Winter approaches and the mornings become colder and darker, getting out of the bed to face the daily grind can often feel like a battle. We believe that a good day begins with waking up well - whether that's by taking time to enjoy a good breakfast or setting intentions through meditation... whatever works for YOU.

With that in mind, we've asked holistic life coach Kyle Gray to share his top morning mantras to help you Wake Up Well with positivity and light each new day.


"One of the greatest minds within positive thinking and wellness – Louise Hay once said “how you start your day is how you live your day” and it’s true. We all know what it’s like to roll out of the wrong side of the bed and yet we all know what it’s like when everything in the day is running seamlessly.

I believe that when we choose to wake up well and make a conscious effort to focus on the blessings we have around us – we become a magnet to even more blessings throughout the days, weeks and months that come.

The word ‘Mantra’ is Sanskrit in origin and loosely interprets to ‘instrument of the mind’ – the idea is use a statement, affirmation or even a sound to help align your body, mind and spirit to an energy that’s working for you.

So we all know what it’s like to get out of the wrong side of the bed – and we definitely know we don’t want to be that person. So in response here’s some positive mantras that you can bring into your morning and day that will help you be your best self. I’ve shared some of my personal statements and others that have become staples in my daily meditation practice.

You can write these mantras on post-its, have them set as your alarm message on your phone or even add them onto the signature of your emails to help you stay aligned with positivity at all times."

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1. Every day get better
“Every day in every way I am getting better and better” – Émile Coué

First said by the famous French psychologist and pharmacist who helped psychotherapy and self-help become what it is today – this statement allows you to constantly remember that you can always grow and improve.

When you’re saying a mantra – you want one that affirms how great you already are and how great that you’re doing but you also want to include room and space for growth.

2. Heal your body
“My body now returns itself to it’s natural state of good health.” – Louise L. Hay

Most people wait until something goes wrong in their body before they start working on their health or welcome in health mantras. I believe that we can stay well by constantly affirming the goodness and greatness we already have. I like to daily remind myself and my mind that my natural state is always good and healthy. Here’s another great statement by my teacher and publisher Louise Hay.

3. Welcome in Angelic help
“Thank you Angels for guiding my day with your light!”

If you don’t know me – I am obsessed with angels and the idea of guardian angels. Every single morning, I thank the angels for guiding my day and I have this visualisation that there are beings of bright light leading the way towards positive and loving experiences. Even if the idea of angels is strange for you – think of them as a loved one watching over you – or even the highest intelligence that exists within you.

4. Choose happiness
“Would I rather be right or happy?”

The self-study system ‘A Course in Miracles’ shares a famous quote in it’s student workbook that says “would you rather be right, or happy”. I use this powerful mantra often whenever I’m facing difficulties with another person. Use this one if you’ve went to bed on an argument or disagreement and you’ve woken up to it bothering you. You don’t always have to have the final word – you can choose happiness instead.

5. Have an attitude of gratitude
“My gratitude is a light to the world.”

So many people take things, people and blessings for granted. I believe that when we really go out our way to be thankful we can really light up the room and even the world. Where can you go out your way to say thanks and share gratitude even for the smallest of things. Choose to point out goodness, greatness and acts that you see as positive, loving and helpful in others – it will make your day and it will make theirs!