Morning Mantras To Wake Up Well

Living well is much more than just the food we eat, it's an all-encompassing lifestyle and we work hard to encourage you to Wake Up Well in order to stay uplifted throughout the day.

For many people, adjusting each morning to embrace the new day can be a struggle as our thoughts start focusing on work, chores, exercise... the list goes on. Allow yourself a few extra minutes to incorporate the below meditation mantras into your morning routine and feel inspired to make the most of the 'right now' and enjoy the present.
I am well.
I will make a meaningful impact on someone's day.
I will embrace change.
I am thankful for all that I have.
I am strong.
I will be grateful for today.
I will try my best and if I do fail, I will try again. 
I am in control of my own feelings.
I will use any frustrations as motivation to achieve and succeed.
I will not compare myself to others.

Like everything in life, no one size fits all - find a mantra that resonates with you or be creative and make up your own! Repeat it daily, or just when it feels right. Don't forget to take some time each day to check in on how you are feeling. Mantra's are a great way to reassess and to stay grounded!