January 12th 11.33am 2017

The full Moon in Cancer appears in our skies on the 12th January, shining a light on all of our strengths and serving as a mirror onto our own inner beauty. 

The beginning of 2017 may have been an intense time for many of us. With Mercury in retrograde sending us into retreat, we were called to look into the parts of ourselves that hold onto pain. As difficult as it might be, these moments arrive for us to release what no longer serves, so that we can be free to do all that we desire. Now with mercury direct and this moon in the watery sign of Cancer we are called to release and flow wherever our intuition goes.  

Water is our life force. Our bodies are made of 70% water and the waters on this earth are cleansing and regenerating by nature, connecting us to the earth, each other and our inner world. Water needs to move and flow, and when it becomes stagnant it becomes unhealthy. The same is true of the water within our bodies, representing the watery realm of our emotions, reminding us that we must keep our inner life force flowing. 

With this energy we can take action to liberate ourselves from the past and move into the present moment to be who we want to be right now. No longer remaining stuck in the old, or clinging onto some point in the future as society might tell us, but to live fully in our essence right now. Celebrate your uniqueness in whatever way feels right to you. Remembering there is no wrong way, there is only your way. 

On this full moon get close to water. It is a lovely time to create your own ritual bath with salts and essential oils; allow the healing waters to wash over your skin and feel the freedom that is yours.

By Kate White.