Moon Journal . New Moon In Gemini

May 25th, 2017

This powerful super moon in Gemini invites us onto the path of self-reflection by serving as a mirror onto our inner world. As events occur within our lives that feel beyond our control, we are encouraged to move our awareness to the heart and ground ourselves in simplicity. From here we can honestly ask ourselves about our actions; do our decisions come from a place of fear or love? We can use the darkness of this potent moon to plant seeds of intention that are truly aligned with our soul purpose.

When we are acting in alignment with our inner guide, without obsessing over the external result or worrying about how we are perceived, we are empowered by our own strength. Against all odds we can use this limitless source of energy to form a bridge between our inner and outer worlds. This is a time of creative revelation and spontaneous insight, in which new projects, relationships and ideas can be formed. 

Even as the world feels chaotic, we can ground ourselves in a daily practice of expressing love, kindness and compassion towards ourselves, and each another. By choosing to act with grace and quiet strength, we find that in spite of all of our differences, there is an eternal love that unites us all.