Moon Journal . New Moon In Aries

March 28th , 2.57am 2017

A new moon in Aries brings a surge of energy to usher in a new cycle and the beginning of the astrological year.

This is a perfect time to pause, find stillness and from here begin to carve out a new direction with clarity, letting go of any inner struggle to create space and feel into the new path that awaits us.

The fiery spirit that rules over Aries rushes forth to burn away the past and clear the way for the new to arise. Perfectly aligned with the new season, we are invited to create space within and without, allowing ourselves to ride on the wave of opportunity, connecting to the vast ocean that lives within and connects us to all of life.

Using the strength and courageous spirit of Aries, we can set clear and firm boundaries that honour our highest selves, and in turn serve the greater good of our planet.  It is a beautiful time to write a list of priorities and set intentions from the heart. With inner truth as our guide, we can walk freely through the gateway to a new chapter.