Moon Journal . Full Moon In Virgo

March 12th, 14.53 pm 2017

The Virgo moon makes her way into fullness on Sunday, empowering us with the strength of the feminine spirit and encouraging us to take inspired action to make our dreams a reality.

Supported by the wisdom of Virgo, we are invited to turn our gaze inward to the vast space of our being, where we are met with infinite love. The message is one of setting heart-felt intention into everything we do. Recognising that we must attend to the small details of daily life and our work, if we are going to live in the light of our dreams.

So often we avoid or dismiss the mundane tasks or chores of daily life, but to do so is to miss out on the simple joys that contribute to the richness and beauty of life.

With the approaching Spring Equinox on the 20th March, we can look to the gifts of nature and the signs of new life for inspiration and encouragement. Beginning slowly and letting go of the need for perfection or control, we can focus simply on the tasks that lie in front of us, allowing us to clear the space for the new to arise.

Listen to the voice within and follow what is right for you. There is no need for a destination or an end goal. Enjoy creativity in its purest expression as a celebration of all that you are in this moment.

Happy Full Moon

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