Moon Journal . Full Moon In Scorpio

May 10th, 2017

The Full Moon in Scorpio makes a luminescent appearance in tonight’s sky, inviting us to step into our personal power, and lay the foundation for a new cycle to begin.

Referred to as the Wesak Moon, this is the first full moon of the astrological year, a time for celebration in which we can release what no longer serves, and lovingly plant our seeds of intention for the highest good of ourselves and the planet.

When we raise our eyes to the night’s sky and see the light of this full moon, we can find stillness, breathe deep and tune into our heart. As we open the space for compassionate self-inquiry, we can listen for any signs, nudges or inner wisdom looking to be brought to the surface.

As we allow our intuition to take the lead and let the mind take a back seat, we are able to ask ourselves honestly about our dreams and visions. In what ways are we holding back from taking action and making our dreams a reality? Do we believe wholeheartedly in ourselves, and the unique gifts we have to share with the world? This full moon is a call to transformation, encouraging us to be brave and let go of any fear that might be holding us back.

Fire up the imagination, draw, paint, sing, dance, write, create freely, letting go of all inhibition and see where spirit takes you. Anything is possible.

Happy Full Moon x