We've teamed up with luxury luggage brand Away for the latest instalment of our Mindful Mornings series. Join us on Sunday 23rd October for a nourishing breakfast (by yours truly) and yoga with guest teacher Pip Roberts

Many people are roused from their slumber by unnatural means, which can be disturbing to the body and mind when they are at their most fragile. Alarms are a necessary evil of day-to-day life however they trigger a sense of panic and hostility; instead of waking up naturally, our neurological system is jolted and we often remain in this state throughout the day.

Mindful Mornings are designed to help you wake more positively and more grounded; we believe that if you give yourself a little more time in the mornings to focus on thinking positively, you're more likely to think openly about each new day.

Tickets are limited (and free!) so be sure to book your place here to avoid disappointment.

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