You Gotta Give This A Chai

When it comes to warming Winter drinks, there are few things as satisfying as a mug of spiced chai. Hot chocolate will ALWAYS hold a special place in our heart but often we crave something a little different. In fact, we love chai so much we even dedicated a flavour to it.

Caffeine-free with warming spices and a touch of sweetness, chai is a traditional Indian hot-drink brewed with milk for a satisfying cuppa. Made from a delicate combination of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger - all proven to help aid digestion, boost the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins - chai is one of our favourite indulgent and nourishing winter drinks.

We've drunk our fair share of chai over the years and wanted to share our favourite places in London to enjoy a cup of the good stuff over the festive season... you can thank us later!

If you can make it through the front door without drooling over the selection of freshly made pastries and savoury treats, the chai tea at Exmouth Coffee is well worth forgoing a cup of coffee for. 

Nestled halfway up Broadway Market in Hackney, Tiosk is a mecca for London tea-lovers with a huge selection of teas to either enjoy freshly brewed and ready to drink or dry packed to takeaway. Enjoy Tiosk's chai black (or with a small drop of milk) to get the best flavour.


Better known for it's range of in-house roasted coffee, Ozone also serves a mean spiced chai latte that'd make any discerning chai lover weak at the knees. For a total taste sensation, visit their Old Street café and enjoy your brew with one of their incredible brunch dishes.

This Italian deli is a cosy, vibrant place to come for breakfast and brunch and serves the best organic, locally sourced ingredients; Franze & Evans are known locally for their selection of sweet treats and their Dirty Chai Latte is served with a shot of coffee for a naughty caffeinated kick. Afternoon: sorted. 

With organic and responsibly sourced loose leafs, brewed at the perfect temperature for the best taste, Subtitles in Dalston is another East London must-visit for a good brew. Their hot chai is a tempting blend of cardamom, star anise, cinnamon pieces and ginger - the café also doubles up as a record store meaning you can get down while your drink hots up.

Made with chai spices and coconut milk, West London vegan restaurant Farmacy uses high-quality organic ingredients to blend their speciality hot drinks. Nip in for a warming mug of chai and soak up the festive atmos.

Over Easy

In our eyes, anywhere that bakes over 30 different types of bread a day is already winning. With over 30 locations across the Greater London area, Gail's is a great place to pick up a freshly baked loaf, drink a cup of milky chai latte and sneak in a slice of cake at the weekend.

Some 'caffeine-free' alternatives just don't pack the punch of their caffeinated counterparts; Yumchaa pride themselves on creating delicious infusions that don't scrimp on flavour. With several locations across London, their Chai Red blend is a dreamy combination of aniseed, pepper, ginger and cardamom with a rooibos base.

If you've ever been to Dishoom on a cold Friday night, you'll know that with the 45-minute queue to get in, usually comes a complimentary cup of delicious hot chai latte, "made in the proper way". For those nights you fancy something a bit stronger, Dishoom also do a Bailey's Chai and cocktails including the Chaijito. 


For those days when it's too cold to leave the house we also love chai blends from PukkateapigsT2, YogiTea and Rebel Kitchen's indulgent mylk to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.