HOLISTICA's Secrets To Staying Well In The City

If you live in a city (or work in a stressful environment) it can often be difficult to maintain balanced energy levels as our surrounding environment is so fast-paced and hectic. Dirty air, polluted water supplies, overindulgence at every corner and surging stress levels... city life really can wreak havoc on the way we look and feel. Throw in electromagnetic traffic from wi-fi, phone signals, air/travel communications, as well as the sheer result of so many people living in one relatively small place and chaos ensues. We caught up with HOLISTICA founder Becky Symes to discover her secrets to saying well and balanced in the city...


"There's not a lot that we can do about the environment that we live in, but we can tweak how we react to it and be aware of our own energetic contribution. It's so important that we take responsibility for our own energy body as it affects not only us but everybody we come into contact with. We spend a lot of time in highly stressful jobs thinking and strategising, rushing around mentally scheduling, on social media analysing, and all the while more mentally stimulated and out of touch with our bodies than ever.  By keeping our energy clear, balanced and nourished, we can boost our mood, improve our overall health and energise the connections we make.

For the last 12 months I've been cityproofing my energy levels, and a big part of this has been taking control of my energetic hygiene. Here I've broken it down into tips and techniques for cleansing, grounding and nourishing the energy body - my secret to staying well in the city."

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Here we're softening and releasing any stuck negative emotions, either our own or that which we might have picked up from connection with other people.

  • Salt Bathing - the cleansing powers of sea salt have been used by ancient civilizations for years, and rightly so. Bathing in this can help to detoxify mind, body and spirit. Sprinkle in a handful of bentonite clay or a couple of tablespoons of charcoal to deepen the physical cleanse; easing the effects of pollutive damage by pulling out heavy metals and clearing out your pores.

  • Smudging - another age-old tradition, smudging has been used to clear negativity or stuckness through the burning of sacred herbs and plants. This could be hand-tied sage bundles, a stick of Palo Santo or even your favourite incense. Focus on letting go of that which no longer serves you - softening stuckness and releasing it.

  • Journal release - the art of writing doesn't have to be saved for moments when you have leisurely amounts of time. Setting a morning timer, free-writing for 10 minutes and seeing what flows. Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed or overloaded, it can be helpful just to get it doen on paper. You can even burn it if this feels like a particularly helpful way to release.


Here we're rooting into the earth and rebalancing any stray emotions. If we think of our energy like a pendulum, we want to remain in the centre, without dipping too low or flying too high.

  • Essential Oils - definitely one of my favourites tips here as they're such a ritualistic experience. I like Frankincense or Benzoin to help ground, and they both blend wonderfully together with rose or with sweet orange depending on whether you're looking for something more feminine and sacred, or something uplifting. Feel free to add to aforementioned salt bath for true decadence.

  • Earthing - the most grounding balancing action here would be to reconnect with the earth. But considering most cities are built on slabs of concrete jungle, then this isn't always the easiest option. If you can get barefoot in the grass then great, but if not all you really need is a tree. You don't have to go hugging, simply a palm to bark connection daily for a few moments at a time is a deliberate step in the right direction.

  • Crystals - gemstones are great transportable prompts to remind you to stay present in the body. Even a simple tumblestone in your pocket works as a wonderful daily reminder. I love Howlite for it's calming effects on an anxious mind, as well as Smoky Quartz to help absorb negative energy. Shunghite is also worth a mention here as it also has protective properties effects against the electromagnetic radiation from technology - inevitably high in the city.


Here we're nourishing ourself with clean positive energy, and becoming more aware of ourselves so that we can be fully responsible for our effect on the world around us.

  • Meditation & Conciousness - the more we can be self-aware, the more easily we are able to identify the intense emotions that we can leak out onto other people. Remaining mindful here is the key and meditation can help us. If you're in London and looking for a starting point - the Re:mind studios are a great place to start, or you could try an app such as insight timer or headspace.
  • Water Quality - toxins in the water. Water absorbs energy too. Upgrading water by first checking purity - charcoal. And upgrading with help of crystals too. Our body functions best when it's elimination network is working optimally, and any stagnant toxins can pass through easily. This network is made up of the liver, lungs, lymph, blood, kidneys, colon and skin, all very different areas that need different support. However the one universal thing they all need is water. By focusing on clean, charcoal-filtered high quality water, we can keep the system running optimally and prevent stuckness or stagnation within the body.

  • Lymph stimulation - The lymph is the key filtration system for the body's immune system and helps to defend against toxic buildup. We can support the lymph by exercising regularly, dry body brushing and keeping our hydration high. When we keep our body's immune system at optimal, we reduce the risk of poor emotional and physical health and in turn keep energy levels high.

  • Gratitude - the icing on the cake, this one links back to our mention on mindfulness. When we acknowledge the bigger picture of our life and the things that are positive, we begin to send our energy towards them. You may have heard the expression that your attention goes where energy flows, but this is the quickest way to change a pessimistic mindset. Like attracts like, and so by focusing on the great things, we subconciously work to create more opportunities for greatness.

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