Where We're Waking . High Mood Food

If you know where to look, central London has countless hidden gems when it comes to healthy, delicious eateries. One place that's recently caught our eye is High Mood Food, located opposite Selfridges on Duke Street. This vibey, veg-centric cafe serves functional breakfasts and abundant lunch dishes, all of which are built from nutritionally considered, naturally good-for-the gut ingredients.

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Chef Joey O'Hare is passionate about creating a menu enriched with natural fermented foods, for optimum flavour and nourishment to fuel the microbiome - our internal ecosystem of beneficial bacterias. Think activated nuts and seeds, kultured butter, kefir, kombucha, sourdough and all the probiotic toppings you can dream of.

Upon Joey's recommendation, we built our own own breakfast combination of slow and steady seeds (soaked in almond milk for 48 hours to ease digestion and boost availability of nutrients) which is a mix of flax, chia, hemp & pumpkin seeds, grated apple and a touch of vanilla bean to sweeten the dish. We added a few of our favourite toppings, including fresh berries and activated nuts for extra texture and flavour.

To accompany this, we huddled around a warming bowl of sprouted black barley and white miso porridge - hands down one of the most unusual yet delicious breakfasts we've tried. A creative balance of umami flavours, the black barley provided a nutty, wholesome texture whilst coconut milk and fresh fruit toppings gave the dish a delicate sweetness. 

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We finished breakfast with a slice of buckwheat banana bread - sweetened purely with ripe bananas and studded with activated walnuts. Toasted and finished with a drizzle of maple caramel and a dollop if unsweetened organic vanilla labneh, it was a perfectly (not overly) sweet end to our visit. The only ingredients not on the menu at High Mood Food are refined sugars and artificial preservatives - something we should all be getting on board with; if you're not strictly anti-anything then this is the spot for you.

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