Fitness Fuel . Protein Packed Snacks

Fuelling your workouts with the right nutrients is essential to aid recovery and maximise muscle regeneration. When we exercise, we're essentially breaking down muscles to allow them to grow back stronger - eating the right foods is vital for sustaining our bodies for continued fitness improvement.

Protein is known to help increase muscle strength and speed up 'gains' from training, making it the perfect nutrient to consume pre and post workout. Our range of granolas are made using a base of organic quinoa (a naturally high-protein seed) and are the perfect morning snack for fuelling the day. We're thrilled to announce that our Cinnamon & Vanilla Quinoa Oat Crunch will be available to enjoy in Fuelpack LDN's launch box, alongside a handful of delicious, high-protein snacks.

FuelPack LDN understands life can get pretty hectic so set out to support their fitness conscious clients in performing their best by keeping them in the loop of current industry trends with classes, snacks and sports accessories. We caught up with founder Peter Akin to discover his favourite fitness foods to help you stay fuelled, hydrated and sustained. 

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Raw & wild offers one of the most nutritionally packed and appetising nuts on the planet. Their products contain vitamins such as: magnesium which promotes bone & muscle health, manganese which is anti-inflammatory and phosphorus which helps with the formation of protein. 


CocoPro is the world’s first high protein pure coconut water and contains 20g protein per serving. Allowing you to go back out there knowing that you have recovered effectively. It's packed with electrolytes that help maintain proper fluid levels in the body and regulate overall brain, heart, muscle and nervous system function. Plus, it contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.


These rich and indulgent chocolate coconut brownies (with desiccated coconut and real chocolate chips) are packed with 11.2g of protein which makes it a perfect snack for recovery after a gruelling workout. They contain the lowest sugar content out of all the “wholesome” snack bars in the market, with only 2g of sugar per serving.


Whey’d have developed unique sachets that make them convenient for when you’re on the go.  Their premium whey packs 20g of protein in a 24g serving and is perfect for growth and maintenance of muscle mass due to its amino acid content. Whey’d powder has one of the highest BCAA levels in the market making it perfect to help you recover after HIIT sessions and long runs.


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