Find Your Flow . London Yoga Studios

When it comes to waking up and winding down well, there are few things we love more than practising yoga to cleanse the mind. Yoga is the ultimate activity for time poor people with limited space and resources. From your living room floor to group sessions at a studio, it's not hard to find somewhere in the city to practice.

A beautiful practice for the body, mind and spirit, yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago and is now celebrated the world over. Welcoming people of all ages and skill levels, yoga is designed to help improve flexibility, strength, stamina and to balance the mind.

Wednesday 21st June marks International Yoga Day and whether you’re a beginner looking to start regular practise or a devout yogi, there are various places across London to get your yogic juices flowing. Here are a few of our favourites:

Hotpod Yoga // Good for: getting sweaty with deep stretches for all skill levels

Down To Earth // Good for: studio ambience and inspiring group workshops

TriYoga // Good for: range of classes, welcoming cafes and locations across London

Detox Kitchen // Good for: dynamic pilates & vinyasa flow with some of our fave instructors including Pip Roberts & Louisa Drake.

Indaba // Good for: range of classes and in-house treatments

Yoga Home // Good for: community vibe and attentative teachers

Yoga Haven // Good for: hot yoga and locations across the UK

Fierce Grace // Good for: variety of classes to suit every skill level

If you aren’t able to indulge in a studio class, there are various at-home practices we also love – head over to YouTube to flow through some sequences with our favourites, Adriene or Tara.