Journaling To Declutter The Mind

Journaling is a great process to release thoughts and empty an overloaded mind. It's a meditative practice but as well as drawing your attention away from active or negative thoughts, it helps you to let go of them, by releasing them physically therefore allowing you to acknowledge and accept any thoughts and feelings you may have internalised. Writing a journal before bed can help you to declutter the mind and let go of anything from the day that may be worrying you. Spend time acknowledging thoughts in order to accept them, appreciate them and use them productively to move forwards.


Storing thoughts internally can clutter the mind and can manifest as physical tension, so try starting – not every day but on particularly challenging days – to write down anything that comes up. It could be something as simple as the dream you’ve awoken from, or how you feel about the day ahead. It may be something more profound, like something you are worried about or are fearful of. Whatever it is, let it out, and spend time acknowledging it in order to either appreciate it, let go of it or accept it and use it productively to move forwards.

Morntime is an influential time to practice gratitude, so take a few moments to acknowledge all that you have and all you are grateful for, which you may find comes up naturally as you start writing in a journal. When you actively express gratitude, you embody a magnetism to your desires, bringing more of what you appreciate and want into your life and speeding up the process of manifesting such things. By consciously giving thanks, you’ll soon notice that you are able to change challenges and problems into possibilities, and losses and defeats into meaningful lessons that are stepping stones on your journey.

By ‘counting your blessings’ you’ll take your attention away from negative thoughts, and you’ll likely find yourself feeling more positive, more fortunate, more abundant, more appreciative and considerably less affected by daily challenges or annoyances.