Cine Rain Or Shine

If you live in England, you won't need reminding that the weather is temperamental - even at the height of Summer we'll be subject to sunny peaks followed by wet blustery troughs, often within minutes of each other.

With that in mind, April's infamous showers are on the horizon so we've rounded up some of our favourite products to help keep your body dry, your hair smooth and your skin soft.

Wearing wellie boots in a big city when it's raining has become something of a 'fashion faux-pas' in recent years; isn't that what Uber's for, after all? Despite the funny looks (and let's be honest, we've all seen stranger things than someone in a pair of rubber boots) we love Hunter's sassy pink boots and would proudly don a pair next time the heavens open.

Danish brand Rains have cleverly reinvented the traditional rubber raincoat with bright, playful rainwear that is as sartorially cool as it us practical. Gone are the days of sweaty, oversize Peter Storm anoraks (in either navy or black) - Rains range comes in a host of dreamy colours including yellow, rust, moon and rose. 


Cambridge Satchel Co.jpeg

Cambridge Satchel Co x Melissa
What happens when a traditional British accessories label meets a playful Brazilian brand? The latest Cambridge Satchel Co collaboration with Melissa ticks all the boxes for a fun April wardrobe update: adorable waterproof bags to keep your essentials dry in a host of bright, candy inspired colours. 

If you're not 100% on board with the whole wellington boot idea, Converse have created a fun rubber version of the classic Chuck Taylor high-top to keep your feet warm and dry. Unlike their canvas counterparts (that definitely don't keep your feet warm or dry) the rubber shoe is lined with French terry for ultimate comfort.


Baby G.jpg

Baby G
During formative school years, the only watch worth owning was a Baby G; if you didn't have one, you begged your parents to splash out for your birthday and if you did, well let's just say you were one of the cool kids. This navy number is a simple, grown-up version guaranteed to still work when you get soaked on the journey home.

Original Duckhead
At the end of the day, there are always going to be times when you can't coordinate your outfit with the weather. The only thing that will save your barnet and your clothes from becoming sodden is a good quality umbrella. This geometric design from Original Duckhead gets our vote on both practical and stylish terms. 

Original Duckhead.jpeg

Ere Perez.jpg

Ere Perez at Content Beauty & Wellbeing
Formulated with organic avocado and mamey oils to nourish your lashes, Ere Perez's waterproof mascara will keep you looking fresh and smudge-free after a dousing from Mother Nature. 

Designed to help remedy the effects of high-pollution levels in big cities on the skin, The London Mask can help repair skin damage and eliminate toxins. Made using a combination of moisturising organic rice, purified kaolin and natural squalene - this mask will soothe and soften your skin after a stressful day.


Original Mineral at Glasshouse Salon
If your hair is more Mowgli than Mariah, you'll need something to tame the frizz when it's humid out. Made using Argan and macadamia nut oil, this Frizzy Logic serum calms, smoothes and protects your hair. That's one less thing to worry about when you're soaked to the bone and you've left your umbrella on the tube...