April 26th 12.16pm 2017

As a new cycle begins, this Taurus New Moon invites us to simply be with our lives as exactly as they are. As we choose to let go of labels and judgements of our experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we allow greater space and freedom to see the beauty of being alive. 

The building momentum and retrograde energy over these last few weeks may have resulted in a gnawing sense anxiety for many. Yet this is a powerful healing time, allowing us to address what needs to be released in order to move forward with clarity, having shed the weight of the past.

If we are experiencing any fear, can we sit with this feeling? Without being harsh or criticising ourselves, but simply allowing it to be. The value and importance of this time, is being able to see everything that arises as a vehicle that brings us closer to our own personal truth.

In this cycle we are inspired to look at the world from our heart space, to feel into the moment rather than looking at it from the mind’s point of view. What does life look like when we feel into it from the heart? This simple change of perception can alter our lives dramatically.

A beautiful grounding practice on this New Moon is to find a comfortable seat on the ground and visualise roots growing beneath us. As we breathe deeply into the vital and strong energy that arises from the core of the earth, we are connected to the source of all life.