Feb 26th, 14.58pm 2017

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is a powerful portal to a new way of seeing and being in the world. Supported by the transformative flow of Pisces, this is a potent time to stoke the internal creative fire, and look to change as a teacher on our path.

As the eclipse casts a shadow onto all of our lives, we are called to see any fear that arises as an important guide. For any emotions we are feeling now, are not singular to us, but are felt by our collective global family.  If we allow them to, these moments of darkness serve as a passage to greater expansion and creative expression.

As we begin to recognise and embrace the contrasts and differences that exist between us and also within us, we can learn new ways of communicating and sharing with the world around us. Pisces is a sign of compassion, and from this place we can ensure that any change that we are experiencing or calling into our lives, will be beneficial for the whole of life and not just for ourselves.

Finding this new perspective embraces the wholeness of being human, the spiralling journey in which we are always growing, changing and learning. Pisces is at home in the vast depths of the unknown, and seeks to remind us that there is no rush to do, or be anywhere other than where we are right now.

In this space we are shown that we are the creators of our own destiny, releasing all that we do not need, so that can be all that we truly desire in the new cycle that awaits.

By Kate White

Image: Frank Stella, Labyrinth