It's that time of year again: Pancake Day aka the day we eagerly anticipate as an excuse to eat a mountain of both sweet and savoury varieties, as if it couldn't have taken longer to come back around.

Despite the fact that pancakes are now one of the main components of most peoples' brunch feasts (hand's up who's had one in the last month...) we can guarantee that if you're a pancake lover like us, you'll be looking forward to next Tuesday as if it were Christmas.

Our light and fluffy quinoa crepes are a healthy, protein rich, nutritious option to make the day (slightly) more virtuous. Simple, quick to make, and waiting patiently to be smothered in your choice of toppings/spreads/fruits/vegetables. Enjoy!

100g cooked quinoa
1 egg (add another for a higher protein option)
100ml nut milk (we like Plenish organic Almond Milk)
40g buckwheat flour (you can also use quinoa flour or gluten-free flour)

1.  Measure all of the ingredients and add them to a blender (adding the wet ingredients first means flour and quinoa won't create a paste around the blade).
2. Blend on a slow to medium speed for 30 seconds, then increase to the highest speed for 1 minute, until the mixture is entirely smooth and creamy.
3. Heat ½ teaspoon of coconut oil in a frying pan and using a large spoon, ladle or jug to pour the batter onto the pan.
4. Rotate the pan to allow the batter to spread as widely and evenly as possible. If it is too thick, the pancake may not cook through.
5. Cook over a medium flame and carefully slide a spatula around and underneath the edges of the pancake to ensure the mixture doesn't stick to the pan. When the underside feels cooked or when the edges begin to brown, flip the pancake and cook on the other side. You may want to flip several times to ensure the pancakes are good evenly. 
6. Serve immediately and enjoy with raw honey, fresh citrus juice, homemade chocolate spread or Nutella, nut butter or a selection of savoury toppings such as avocado, tahini, vegetables, nutritional yeast, pesto and hummus.