February 11th, 12.32 am GMT 2017

As the Moon in Leo makes her way into fullness, we are being called to dig deep to uproot limiting beliefs, and clear space for ourselves to move forward with a new sense of lightness and clarity. This is a time to embrace the whole picture, in which we look into our past whilst simultaneously visioning the future, bringing it all into this very moment where Life exists for us to seize here and now.

This can be an intense time in which we are being shown our shadow side. But the lesson here is that the shadow is just as important – it is part of our whole self. We wouldn’t be where we are without our past and it is important to honour what has been with compassion for ourselves, and anyone or anything that may have hurt us. This will bring enormous release as we begin to see our situation in a new light, freeing ourselves to move forward humbled and with a new sense of clarity.

This lunar eclipse is deeply healing, as we are reminded that this choice to look into the shadow is not easy. But with the support of Leo we can fire up our strength and turn to our inner guide to let go of old memories and habits, knowing that to choose a new path forward will lead us to the gateway of transformation.

By Kate White

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