Mango Coconut Flesh Pudding

mango 1.jpg


Flesh from 1 Young Thai Coconut (save the water)
Flesh from 1/2 a ripe mango
1/2 tsp fresh vanilla seeds or paste, powder or extract
3 tbs coconut water from the coconut or plant-based milk
Pinch of salt
A large handful cashews, soaked
1 tablespoon coconut oil (melted)


1. Place the cashews into a high speed blender along with your liquid of choice, and blend for 2 minutes, until smooth. With the blender still running, gradually add the coconut oil, along with a little extra coconut water or plant-based milk if the mixture needs help running smoothly.

2. Chop the mango flesh and (carefully) hack open the coconut using a large knife. Once opened, pour the water into a jug and then scrape the flesh into the blender, along with the remaining ingredients. Blend for a further 2-3 minutes, adding more liquid as desired.


3. Once smooth, pour into a bowl and enjoy immediately or transfer to a container or jar and store in the fridge.

+ Top with Ginger & Goji or Beetroot Qnola.