January 28th, 00.07am 2017

Aquarius envisions a better future for us here on Earth. A vision that requires exposing and breaking down old power structures that have caused much damage to our planet and our collective wellbeing.  Many of us will be feeling the uncomfortable nature of these times, as we are being pushed to rise up to the challenge and take on the task that lies ahead of us.

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of hopelessness in times like these, but it is important not to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the big picture, choosing instead to focus on the small steps, the immediate changes that we have the ability to transform around us.

On this New Moon we are invited to find stillness, and from here ask ourselves what are the valuable lessons that are being sent to us? How can we expand to grow and adapt to our environment and the challenges it presents to us? Aquarius inspires us to forge ahead in difficult times, to plant new seeds for the life we envision for ourselves and each other.  By imagining ourselves in this feel good place, a vibrational shift takes place, and this in turn has an immediate positive impact on how we feel.

We can take inspiration from Venus (the planet of love) who moves into Pisces, and encourages us to hold upmost compassion for ourselves and each other. The feminine strength of Venus speaks to the importance of caring for ourselves, so that we can be strong to do all that we wish.  In a moment of stillness we can call on our inner strength to find hope, and trust that the support we need is around and within us.

If you would like to explore a New Moon ritual, try setting aside some time to write down 6-8 things you wish to call into your life; writing in the affirmative e.g. ‘I have’ or ‘I am’ and feeling the joy of what it would be like to already be experiencing those things within your life.

By Kate White

Image: Source unknown