We embarked on a hardcore, three-day Plenish cleanse this Summer and having personally felt the gratifying effects a detox can have on the body and mind, we wanted to find out how founder Kara Rosen balances her own busy work, home and social life.

A New York native, Kara forged a career in the media industry working for uber-publisher Conde Nast; however, her hectic schedule naturally left her feeling exhausted and following failed antibiotics, she turned to a nutritionist who suggested a detoxifying juice cleanse.

The natural approach cured Kara of all ailments but after moving to the UK three years ago, she struggled to find an organic juice cleanse in London that wasn’t laden with sugar. She started making her own juices from home and as with most innovative and interesting businesses, the idea snowballed from friends and family to performance athletes and beyond. Et voila! Plenish was born.

 We recently caught up with Kara to talk ambition, family, nutrition, breakfast and everything in between. Wannabe entrepreneurs, take note…

Plenish Cleanse

“I’m the founder of Plenish, and am there to set the strategy for the business, drive product innovation and look after our talented team!

There have been so many highlights at Plenish. I love what I do so much, and because we are new, there are so many 'firsts' every month. The best part is the constant bit though - which is making it easier for busy people to consume healthy, organic products that taste delicious, make them feel great and help them on their way to achieve their goals. We hear from our cleansers about how a cleanse helped them feel better, kick start a new healthy eating regime or drop old habits. We get feedback from people that buy the juices in Waitrose or Whole Foods that if not for Plenish, they'd never drink green juice (which we naturally think is a great thing!), as we've done all of the hard work for them. This brand was set up to be all about the people that drink our products, and constantly hearing about being a part of someone's journey towards better health gets me jumping out of bed every day. 

Saying that, we have challenges all of the time. Managing my own passion about how quickly I want to grow and expand the business vs. what we have the resource to do is always a challenge - and a constant exercise of prioritisation.  Growth takes capital and human resource - and when you're a founder of a young company - telling yourself to be patient and trust the timing is the hardest part for me. 

My best advice for someone wanting to start his or her own business is to always trust your gut. Your passion and drive is what is going to make a business successful so ask for lots of advice from people in your sector. Then go big or go home! 

Since becoming a parent, I don’t think I’ve woken up past 7.30am.  An average morning is usually very busy: getting my five year old daughter ready for school, finishing off any homework, getting myself ready and dropping her off to school before heading into the office. Sometimes I squeeze in some exercise before the routine starts.  Mornings at the office usually involve a juice and a cashew milk cappuccino and a series of meetings with my different teams from operations, marketing, finance and sales.

I have to be much more organized with my eating habits as I'm busier, have less time to shop for and prepare food and breakfast is important! I don't know how I would function without Ocado - I shop and top-up on the app and it magically gets delivered late at night when I'm home. I will usually prep breakfast the night before. My top five breakfast items include green juice, chia, avocado, eggs and blueberries; my healthiest breakfast would be chia with almond milk and a host of toppings like berries, seeds, almond butter or whatever I have going in my pantry / fridge at the moment.

When I’m in New York (my hometown), I love an everything bagel but my most memorable breakfast was in Jamaica; I sat down on a lounger and a local brought me over a local pineapple, carved it up on the spot and breakfast was served!

My family and I love getting out of the house in the morning, having a really active day (usually gymnastics for my daughter and a run for hubby and me - then we come back, cook lunch and have a lazy afternoon to read the papers.  My best morning advice would be to not hit the snooze button. The day has started, so embrace it! 

 And lastly, my favourite flavour Qnola? I love the Mixed Berry & Linseed with a bit of cashew milk! I pop some fresh blueberries on top and it's divine." 

Kara Rosen