We caught up with Gracie and Sophie, the sister-act behind raw snack-bar brand Squirrel Sisters, to talk early nights and the importance of living a balanced lifestyle. Founded in 2015, Squirrel Sisters was born from a passion for health and wellbeing; the girls set about to prove that nutritious food can be both fun and flavoursome. With playful packaging and four core flavours, each bar is totally gluten and dairy free – the ideal guilt-free sweet treat for afternoon cravings.

Gracie and Sophie are on a mission to make healthy food fun and exciting and we couldn’t agree more with their philosophy: in treating yourself you can treat your health. Amen sisters!

Squirrel Sisters snack bars

“We launched our range of snack bars in November 2015 after gaining a healthy following from our blog, which we started in 2014. We created our range of raw snack bars because we saw that there was a trend with people feeling that they couldn’t have the best of both worlds… that in order to be healthy they had to live an extreme lifestyle. We wanted to show that they could live the best of both worlds and that it is possible to live a balanced lifestyle by giving them the opportunity to enjoy healthy, nutritious food that was delicious. A snack that’s tasty enough that it can also be enjoyed as a treat.

An early night is key for us to wake up well. We both get tired very easily so late nights really effect our productivity the next day. We both love our early nights so we’re normally up fairly early each morning and try to fit a workout in before work (if we have time).

Gracie: I always brush my teeth and then jump in the shower as soon as I wake up.
Sophie: I always down some water because it really helps to wake me up.

We take breakfast very seriously- we always make sure we have a healthy, hearty breakfast that’s energising and keeps us full until lunch. We are both quite different with what we like to eat at breakfast. Sophie’s breakfast usually consists of omelettes or frozen berries with a bit of granola. Mine (Gracie) tends to be fruit bowls with nuts and seeds and a drizzle of nut butter. Our five most essential breakfast items are water, berries, eggs, seeds (pumpkin, sunflower & chia) and nut butter.

We tend to eat our breakfast in front of our laptops (not ideal!) catching up on any emails and then once we have caught up on these we will head out to any meetings we have. For a super healthy breakfast, we would have a smoothie, which would include ingredients like bananas, berries, seeds, almond milk, kale, spinach, super-powders like acai, protein powder and lots of other delicious goodness. Our most indulgent breakfast would be pancakes with loads of maple syrup and lemon.

Sophie & Gracie

Both of us are terrible at enjoying our mornings because we are always on our phones checking emails and then eating our breakfast at our desk so we both need to wake up without technology. One thing we need to do more of in the mornings?

Gracie: Drink more water
Sophie: Meditate

When we were at university we could both sleep until late afternoon but now we are mature, responsible adults the latest we wake is probably 9.30/10am on the weekends and that’s due to being tired and/or oversleeping. We kept waking up ridiculously early the week we launched because we were so excited and nervous at the same time. We had a lot of adrenaline that week.

The breakfast I (Gracie) remember the most and could eat over and over is this incredible tower of buttermilk pancakes with loads of berries over the top that I used to get when I lived in New York from a restaurant called Pershing Square Café by Grand Central Station. Sophie on the other hand? Avocado and poached eggs on toast (gluten-free) from Brickwood in Balham.

Brickwood Balham

If we had a free lazy morning with no plans we would…

Gracie: Eat a big delicious breakfast then curl up on the sofa and watch TV
Sophie: Lie in bed with a cup of tea and watch a movie

Our best morning advice would be to have a proper breakfast, it really does make the difference to your day. Qnola is nutritious, delicious and gluten-free (which is very important for Sophie who has a gluten intolerance). We love the hint of cinnamon in the Almond & Vanilla flavour. We like it with almond milk and berries over the top - YUM!