With a cult fashion-following as Fashion Features Editor (aka Wardrobe Mistress) at Sunday Times Style magazine alongside writing for her own blog and teaming up with brands such as Hunza, Cartier and Miss Selfridge, Pandora Sykes has some serious style credentials under her (always on-trend) belt.

We caught up with Pandora before the madness of SS 17 fashion month kicked in, to discover her stylish secrets to waking up well.

Pandora Sykes

“ The first thing I do each morning is let the cat in our bedroom, brush my teeth and then check Instagram. As the Fashion Features Editor, each day totally varies.  I’ll write features and do interviews but I usually check out a bunch of news sources and blog with a coffee in the morning.

On a good day, I’ll have salmon and avocado for breakfast and when I’m feeling in the mood for something more indulgent, I’ll go all out on a breakfast burrito, halloumi and bacon on toast, or make a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup...

My ideal morning would consist of reading magazines and eating breakfast in bed, on a tray. Everything you need in one (comfy) place. My idea of weekending well invovles aformentioned magazines and newspapers, pub meals with friends and either a gallery exhibition or a film. Or a wedding - the most romantic and fun!

In terms of 'waking up well', it's mainly down to having 10 hours sleep, for me. One thing I need to do more of in the morning is to breeeeathe. To really breath in each day before facing it, and to stop moaning about being too tired! In terms of travelling constantly, trying to stay well and waking up well in different time zones, there is no fast trick to feeling good. Some people deal with lack of sleep better than others.  I try not to drink alcohol on a plane and if I am sleep deprived, I try not to focus on how tired I am. Plough through - it's the only way! A general piece of morning advice would be to drink loads of water - your body will be super dehydrated from a good night's sleep and I find water is good way to refresh, rehydrate and cleanse the system from the day before.

The earliest I’ve ever woken up is 5am, due to jet-lag and disrupted sleep paterns and cycles. The latest is 2pm, pretty much after any big party! The best place I’ve ever woken up is Shutter’s On The Beach in Los Angeles".

Pandora Sykes

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