When you work around food, it can often be difficult to stick to a routine diet (by which we mean breakfast, lunch and dinner). Hours are spent testing new flavour combinations and recipes, and although it sounds like every foodies dream, there's only so much you can healthily digest in a working day. 

Whilst as an office we generally maintain a healthy, balanced diet, sometimes it's easier said than done not to skip breakfast or settle for fast food on the way home from a busy day. We're only human and the days arent getting any longer! To avoid settling for nutritionally substandard meals and to get a natural glow before our work vacay to Obonjan, we decided to try Plenish's three day cleanse - giving our digestive system a boost and our body a break. 

We opted for the level 3 cleanse (the deepest and most hardcore they have to offer), designed to promote weight loss and to support psychological performance. With six 500ml juices delivered for each day of the cleanse, we received: four green juices, one lemon with red chilli and a luxurious nut milk, which was like the gold at the end of the rainbow after a full day of greens.

As with any new routine, day one was a tricky one... made even trickier by the food, samples and smells coming from the office kitchen. It wasn't necessarily that we were hungry, it was more the act of chewing itself that we craved, but thankfully by day two this urge had began to subside. The first three juices (designed to Fuel, Boost and Lift) did initially feel overwhelming due to their size but we soon got used to drinking copius amounts of liquid (strangely it seems so much easier doing just the same - but with different concoctions - at parties and festivals). By the fourth juice, Kick - a punchy combination of lemon and chilli - we were craving something a little less sweet, so this was a welcome change from the green guys. 

Besides a couple of headaches (due to toxins leaving the body) we felt alert, with noticeably brighter skin. Though we hadn't embarked on our juice journey to lose weight, the flat-stomach side effects were almost instant, and absolutely appreciated. After the full three days, drinking the juices alongside lemon & hot water became almost second nature, and solid food even began to seem a strange and uncomfortable concept.

Cleanses aren't for everyone and they can be difficult to fit into your daily routine, however, with that in mind, if you have a clear week socially and fancy giving your system a bit of a boost - this is the one for you. It's also for you if you want clearer skin, reduced digestive stress, instant energy on both physical and cellular levels, and absolutley no time spent in the kitchen (meaning no washing up - bonus!). It's easy, mess-free and gives instant results - if you've never done a cleanse before, perhaps start with the more gentle level one; if you're feeling tough then do as we did and go in with level three. See it as a personal challenge, see it as a way of overhauling your system, see it as an excuse not go, or eat, out so much, or simply see it as a few days of really resetting and looking after number one.