You just know when something - a project or a brand - is driven by passion, rather than money or alternative incentives. Rosa Park, along with her partner Rich Stapleton, took their passion for writing, photographing, travelling and I guess sharing, to new levels when they decided to write less about what other people were employing them to write about, and more about things that truly excited and intrigued them. Aside from being the cutest person I've ever seen in bed with a bowl of Qnola and a cuddly penguin, Rosa is the lady boss behind Cereal Magazine. She is creatively OCD (we bonded over intricately labelling hundreds of pots of Qnola for the launch of their Volume 11 issue last year) which is partly where the magazine gets it's good looks from. She and Rich are uniquely stylish, determined, curious, interesting and well travelled (to say the least). But on top of those things, they are also calm, grounded, open, and real. They aren't competetive, they aren't forcing things and they aren't stressful to be around - despite spending about 80% of each month away from their home in Bath. They are simply doing what they love (doing what a lot of people love, in fact), sharing their findings and improving holidays one city guide and biannual magazine at a time.

We tempted Rosa to expose her waking regimes and morntime secrets in return for some Cacao & Cashew Qnola.

"The first thing I do every morning is pretend it’s not morning yet. Usually this lasts for a good 10-15 minutes while my alarm is going off. Once I’ve dragged myself out of bed, I check my emails whilst eating breakfast. Breakfast usually consists of sourdough toast with butter and raspberry jam, washed down with a cup of English Breakfast tea. If I had to choose my five most valued breakfast table items, I would have to choose bread, butter, banana, tea, and porridge. My healthiest breakfast would be porridge with manuka honey, with a homemade smoothie. If there's Qnola in the house, it'd likely be the Cacao & Cashew, and I'd enjoy a big bowl of it swimming in almond milk. My most indulgent breakfast would be ice cream. Seriously. It happens sometimes.

In order to Wake Up Well, I really have to go to sleep before midnight! I am usually burning the midnight oil, working until 3 or 4am, which does not bode well for me the next morning. If I can get decent shuteye, I always Wake Up Well.

One thing I need to do more of in the mornings is go for a run before starting work. I always feel happy and light on my feet after a run, I need to do it more often before I start my day. One thing I need to do less of in the mornings is complain about how tired I am.

The earliest I’ve ever woken up is having not gone to sleep. I have pulled many all-nighters, this happens more often when we’re on a deadline. I also often get up super early to catch flights, so there’s that too. I am a person of extremes, and so if I do work through the night, I sleep through the day. I have been known to indulge in a lie in until 5pm having gone to sleep around 9am. That was interesting.

The best place I’ve ever woken up is constantly changing, but right now at this moment, I'd probably say right here at home, in my flat in Bath. I love waking up here more than anywhere else – probably because I’m always travelling and I miss my own bed!

My ideal morning would involve waking up around 10am, popping out for a coffee and a croissant, and coming back home to catch up on some reading.

This morning I slept in until 9am, and went for a run around the park near my flat.  

Tomorrow morning I will wake up early and head to the office earlier than usual. Lots to do!

If I could pass on one piece of morning advice, it'd be to shower. A shower will always wake you up no matter how exhausted you are".

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