For many of us, childhood Summer memories often involve days in parks, with an ice-cream in hand (and/or around our mouths/down our fronts/on the floor). Few things beat the nostalgic taste of a melting Mr. Whippy on a hot day, but as we get older and our tastes evolve beyond the classic vanilla and wafer cone combo, we seek new (and more nutritious) ways to indulge in our favourite foodie past-times.

With a delectable assortment of healthier, more nourishing and often dairy-free ice-cream alternatives currently on the market, we’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite brands to fill your freezer with this summer. And as most of them contain only natural ingredients, we'd go as far as deeming them suitable for breakfast. 

Lick // Straight Up Frozen Yoghurt

-  Not only do 5% of profits go to Brighton Peace & Environment centre, Lick products are free from artificial flavourings or preservatives and is suitable for gluten-free diets.

Coconut Collaborative // Raspberry Snowconut

- Creamy frozen coconut yoghurt and tangy raspberries bursting with antioxidants? What’s not to love! The chocolate version is great for anyone craving something a bit sweeter too, though it’ll be difficult to stop at just one scoop…

Oppo // Salted Caramel

- Made using fresh milk and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, at just 38 calories per scoop this is innocent indulgence with absolutely no guilt.

Snog // Passion Fruit Frozen Yoghurt

- Fancy a snog? One of the original frozen yoghurt shops to appear in the UK, Snog’s tropical passion fruit fro-yo is like a lovely (albeit slightly chilly) kiss from heaven.

Coyo // Original

- Made using the freshly squeezed cream from the flesh of the coconut, we love the sorbet-like consistency of CoYo’s natural yoghurt.

Nude Spoon // Creamy Coffee Kiss

- Created from wholefood and organic ingredients including coconut, cacao, cashews, this coffee blend is like a creamy iced expresso and packs a powerful flavour punch.

Nana Nice // Banana & Vanilla

- Our favourite brunch friend, the avocado, has been given an iced makeover by Nana Nice Cream – made from a base of frozen bananas, this is a dairy-free sweet treat you have to try before Summer’s out.

Booja Booja // Feisty Rollercoastery Ginger

- With only a handful of ingredients in each flavour, Booja Booja's ginger flavour is a dairy-free alternative made with cashews - the fiery ginger kick gives a warming after-taste, unusual but delicious.

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