We all love a good festival, but we're not going to try and act like they don't get the better of us from time to time. We love a boogie, and we love a drink (or a few), but we don't love a hangover. In fact, the more sleepless nights we endure, the less we love anything at all. Apart from the thought of a warm bath and the familiar comfort of getting into our own bed. Luckily, there are several ways to overcome the draining effects of being a devoted festival-goer, and thankfully they're quick, more effective and more sociable than just napping in your tent all day. Take these guys with you in your festival pack for when you're body needs energising, your skin needs illuminating, and your internal processes need some revitalising, cleansing and restorative TLC. All our compact and ambient, so will fit nicely into your luggage, and will keep perfectly in your tent without refrigeration.

Day Snacks and Drunk Munch

Rebel Milk Coconut Milks
Innocent Coconut Water
Pip & Nut Nut Butter Sachets
LoveRaw Snack Bars
PunchFoods Superseeds
Savoury Qnola
Mixed Berry Qnola
Maza Chocolate
Pana Chocolate
Loving Earth Chocolate
Skinade Beauty Gels
Charcoal Powder (just add to water) or Capsules

Morning + Evening Skincare

Urban Decay Vitamin B6 Spray
Urban Decay Illuminating Naked Pallet in Original
Liz Earle Travel Try-Me Kit
Neals Yard Essential Oil Organic Defence Hand Spray

General Survival Essentials

House of Hackney Eye Mask
Muji Earplugs
Ecocare Rose + Chamomile Wipes
TOTM Organic Sanitary Products
Eva Solo Water Bottle
Swell Water Bottle
Oh My Goodness G Tank Tea Flask + Pre-mixed Loose Tea Blends