In London - and most big / creative cities for that matter - brunch is one of the most overwhelming decisions we are forced to make - sometimes daily, always weekendly. The same big question emerges every weekend, along with our familiar post-lie-in appetite. Where to go? It wouldn't be too daunting a task if this were the only question, however, there are so many more. What's on the menu at the moment? How far away is it? What will the queue be like? There are so many options to choose from too, and always new places to discover. I mean, there's worse problems to have, but its not a fun way to wake up, when all you want it a good brunch, and a good brunch asap. That’s why we put a lot of thought into our weekly 'Where We’re Waking' posts, to give you a little nudge in the right direction. Maybe it does more harm than good, merely adding to your long list of places to try, but hopefully it will also help you to make more educated decisions, trusting in our description so you'll know exactly what's in store, which places appeal to you and hopefully wont be disappointed. Today’s selection is widely known amongst the local community. Whether you live near King's Cross or Exmouth Market, or anywhere in between really, you've probably heard of Caravan. Serving ‘well travelled food and mighty fine coffee' from an old grain store, everything about Caravan feels right.

The Four-Star restaurant offers a great variety of flavours and unique pairings withing each dish. Their small, sharing style plates combine hearty, traditional flavours with a fusion of modern ingredients and ideas. The menu changes seasonally, but several things stay the same, including the quality, the uniqueness and the tastiness. Now, onto the real reason we're all here; the breakfast. You have not enjoyed breakfast fully if you have not enjoyed breakfast at Caravan. From coconut bread with fresh berries, salt beef with poached eggs and deeply good coffee, to creamy scrambled eggs, chilli avocado smash and the freshest of juices - they got all of you and whatever your needs covered. For the healthier foodies of the world, or if you have allergies and need a simple option, they are very accomodating, and you can order a selection of their sides (such as eggs, field mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, wild sausages, sourdough bread, bacon and more) to fit your personal needs/preferences. We do this all the time - it makes for a proper build-your-own-breakfast game. And one you're only gonna win.

There’s no going wrong at this place, only go back - again and again and again. The only question you'll be faced with is if you can survive the queue which, despite the great size and space of the urban, stripped back eatery, does tend to exist - mostly on weekends. All this means is waking a little early to beat the queue, or waiting in line. But why wouldn't you if you could do it with a fine ass cuppa coffee?

Where: 11-13 Exmouth Market, London,  EC1R 4QD   .   1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA

Near: Farringdon Station.   King’s Cross Underground

What: Quinoa grain bowl with avocado, soft boiled egg, carrot, spinach, yoghurt and super seeds, and an awakening ginger, lemon and cayenne juice blend.