When it comes to eating and living well, many of us tend to overcomplicate things, assuming we need to spend hours in the kitchen, with copius amounts of unusual and expensive ingredients. No wonder, then, that it can seem unattainable to some people, and just generally a lot of hard work to stay healthy. However, we prefer to keep things simple, which is why we also love The Good Life Eatery, where they offer a fad-free, fuss-free approach to nourishing your body.

With several locations across London, this restaurant isn't just about serving healthy food, but is about inspiring you to eat it, everyday, and making it as easy as possible for you to do so. They serve a wide range of products, supercharged smoothies, jumpin' juices, and delicious and vibrant salad bowls.

Where: Marylebone Lane / Sloane Avenue (and available for delivery)

Why: So-Fresh and So-Clean Bowl (Poached eggs, quinoa, kale, roasted sweet potato, omega seeds and basil cashew cream), Chia Seed Pudding.